14 Easy-to-grow Green Leafy Veggies For Beginners

The summer season is the time of the lightly sweet and crunchy salads? It is irresistible!!! For the best taste, you have to choose the freshest vegetables. How can you buy the cleanest, freshest, safest vegetables? Grow them by yourself in the garden, or in containers, even pots. These are the 14 Easy-to-grow Green Leafy Veggies For Beginners. They don’t need to require any effort from gardeners, so if you just have a little time for taking care of them, they still will grow well.
14 Easy-to-grow Green Leafy Veggies For Beginners
When it comes to gardening, most people will think about what they have to do regularly such as weeding, watering, or fertilizing, these can make you stressed. Growing these plants, all your worry is not a problem here. Some can be harvested in a short time, others will need more time. And after that, you will start your harvest period. Now, tasty and organic vegetables are ready for your favorite salad in flash. Let’s check it out!

#1 Lettuce

Source: Thespruce

Lettuce is the best plant for new gardeners to grow. Not only is it incredibly low-maintenance, but it matures quickly, too. You’ll have a harvest in a matter of weeks

#2 Kale

Source: Goconqr

Kale is super simple to grow. It can be grown when the weather is still cool, helping to take some of the burdens off you as your garden kicks into high gear in summer

#3 Mustard

Source: Harvesttotable

Mustard greens are super tasty and have a peppery flavor that is not unlike arugula. These vegetables are some of the healthiest you can eat and grow just like you would grow arugula or chard

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#4 Arugula

Source: Harvesttotable

Arugula is super easy to grow. It’s resilient to most conditions and grows well in moist climates, too. In fact, it’s just as easy to grow

#5 Chard

Source: Britannica

Like lettuce and arugula, chard is another easy-to-grow vegetable. It can be grown both indoors and outside and even tolerates a light frost in case you forget to harvest it in time

#6 Rhubarb

Source: Simplifylivelove

Rhubarb is a popular, easy-to-grow perennial. Plant it once, and you’ll have all the rhubarb you need for the next few decades, the plant will continue to appear each spring.

#7 Endives

Source: Caribbeangardenseed

Endive is one of the easiest vegetables. Just one plant will produce all the seeds you need for the next year.

#8 Spinach

Source: Masterclass

Growing spinach in pots is one of the easiest things to have delicious salad dishes to treat the whole family.

#9 Radicchio

Source: Harvesttotable

Growing it is similar to lettuce as both belong to the daisy family. As radicchio is a cool-weather crop, should start the radicchio seeds in spring and again in summer for the fall harvest.

#10 Bok Choy

Source: Luv2garden

Growing bok choy is a cinch. It is one of the vegetables that can grow in the shade.

#11 Sorrel

Source: Southernliving

Like other green leafy vegetables and herbs, sorrel is an easy choice for container gardeners. Grow it as an annual in a wide pot that is at least 8-10 inches deep. Keep the soil slightly moist, and maintain the sunlight by moving the container according to the temperature and intensity of the sun–the main advantage of growing sorrel in a pot.

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#12 Broccoli Rabe

Source: Capegazette

It shows vigorous growth in full sun, so it’s best you place it on the porch or deck. While it’s not a stickler for water, it does demand moist, nitrogen-rich soil to develop its full potential

#13 Collard Green

Source: Underwoodgardens

Collard greens perform well in containers in partial sunlight. If you are planting during summer, don’t forget to move it to a shaded spot during the hot afternoon.

#14 Mizuna

Source: Bcecoseedcoop

Mizuna adopts a compact growth form and takes less than 40 days to mature. It doesn’t demand much besides full sun to part sun and moderate drainage and grows well in 6-8 inches deep pots

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