14 Best Child-Safe Plants You Can Grow

Instead of watching movies for hours on TV or smartphone, let’s tend your children to the interesting things around life. For example, planting trees! The simple reason for this option, planting trees will help your child closer to nature, and have a green environment with a clean atmosphere! Moreover, your kids will be more active, promoting the discovery and exploration of the natural development of plants.
14 Best Child-Safe Plants You Can Grow
In order to create beautiful and impressive gardens, consider your kids’ interests such as: What kind of vegetables do your kids love? Or does your kid love colors or not? All will help you be more inspired to plant. And here we rounded up 14 Best Child-Safe Plants You Can Grow that your kids will love to grow. Check them out!

#1 Succulents

Source: Westcoastgardens

Most succulents have easy-to-grow properties, they come in shades of different colors, shapes, and sizes. They grow best in mostly the sun and can withstand drought once established. There are many types that also tolerate extreme cold. Most of them do well both indoors and outdoors.

#2 Sunflower

Source: Lowes

Sunflower has lots sizes ranging from a foot tall to 15 feet tall and displays stunning yellow flowers. Its seeds can be sown directly in the garden or in containers as long as gets full sun after the last frost. There are some types that provide large edible seeds.

#3 Cherry Tomato

Source: Etsy

Cherry Tomato has a compact shape making them suited for growing in pots and containers. You can grow different kinds for n colorful harvest.

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#4 Mint

Source: Mydomaine

Mint is a fast-growing herb that grows well in any condition, from outside in the ground, in an outdoor container, or inside on a windowsill. Its fresh leaves are a perfect addition to tea, desserts, and savory foods alike.

#5 Nasturtium

Source: Littleyellowwheelbarrow

Nasturtium grows easily to reward gardeners with blue-green leaves and gorgeous blooms. It looks great when grown in hanging baskets or climbing on a trellis. The flowers range in different colors from peach and red to coral and rose, they show off all season until frost. But the best thing about the plant, its flowers and leaves are edible.

#6 Sweet Potato Vine

Source: Georgeweigel

Sweet Potato Vine is a wonderful option for spilled ideas for window boxes or in containers.

#7 Butterfly Bush

Source: Plants2gardens

Butterfly Bush bears long, spiky flowers with many colors attaching oodles of butterflies and hummingbirds throughout summer long. This shrub can reach about 2 to 5 feet tall and grows well in full sun.

#8 Sweet Alyssum

Source: Savannahnow

Sweet Alyssum is a lacy-looking annual plant with a sweet fragrance. It lasts a long time in the garden and can endure a light frost. You also can grow it in window boxes and hanging baskets for a stunning look to your living space.

#9 Daisies

Source: Clemson

Daisies display bright yellow center and crisp white petals to adorn any garden. They are so easy to grow with the right amount of water and sunshine.

#10 Pumpkin

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Pumpkins can take up a lot of space because their vine may spread 20 feet long, however, there are some compact varieties you can choose to grow. They’re awfully fun to grow with the different sizes and hues, also they are versatile in cooking.

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#11 Lamb’s Ear

Source: Gardenersworld

Lamb’s Ear is perennial, it grows hardy with its velvety, silver foliage, and unique flower spikes. It can tolerate drought and poor soil.

#12 Strawberry

Source: Treehugger

Not only adults, but children also love picking berries fresh off the plant. There are some new strawberry varieties that have compact shapes and look pretty, they can produce fruit all season long and grows well in hanging baskets or containers.

#13 Marigolds

Source: Backyardgardenlover

Marigolds are sturdy annuals that tolerate both heat and drought. Apart from offering bright flowers to liven up your garden, they also can get rid of insects naturally, safely, and effectively.

#14 Pole Bean

Source: Homedepot

Beans are incredibly easy to grow, they can give you a continuous harvest if picked regularly. Sowing bean seeds in spots where they get full sun and after the last frost.

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