14 Beautiful Windflower Types That You Can Grow For Your Landscape

When it comes to the flower world, the windflower is a beautiful perennial that many gardeners love adding to their small garden. For the simple reason, this flower has quite many different types with a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures. Of course, they will easily bring welcome splashes of color to gardens. So, in the post today, we’ve listed the 14 Beautiful Windflower Types That You Can Grow For Your Landscape that you will fall in love with their natural beauty. So, check them out with us if you are planning to add something stunning to your garden.

Like other flowers, they are also easy to grow with basic care about water and moisture soil. Whether you choose any type to grow, they all look great when planted both in gardens or containers, which you can choose from. Growing them in the garden is a great way to add drama to borders and produce strikingly stunning blooms. Or, when you don’t have enough space, you can grow some in pots or hanging baskets for a spectacular display. Grow some and enjoy the beauty!

Source: Bulbsdirect

The Anemone ‘Pink Double’ is easy to care for and blooms all summer long. It has two layers of pink petals that surely will liven up your outdoor landscape.

#2 Balkan Anemone (Anemonoides blanda)

Source: Live-native

Balkan Anemone has white or pale pink flowers with a yellow center. You can easily find this windflower in the Balkans, as well as southeastern Europe and Turkey.

#3 Anemone Pulsatilla ‘Pasque Flower’

Source: Caribbeangardenseed

The Anemone Pulsatilla ‘Pasque Flower’ is an early spring wildflower. It produces delicate and single flowers that come in a range of colors including white, pinkish-purple, lavender, and blue.

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#4 Anemone Nemorosa

Source: Dearplants

Anemone Nemorosa produces delicate white blossoms in spring. It has five petals and looks like single daisies growing on thick, green leaves.

#5 Anemone Hupehensis

Source: Gardenia

Anemone Hupehensis offers to nod flowers that have deep-red centers, surrounded by white petals. Its blooming time is from March and April

#6 Anemone Blanda ‘Blue Shades’ (Grecian Windflower)

Source: Gardenia

This type blooms in shades of blue with yellow centers and can grow up to 12 inches tall, and it prefers partial sun or shade.

#7 Anemonoides Ranunculoides

Source: Flickr

Anemonoides Ranunculoides is a small, yellow wildflower that blooms from April to May. The flower has five petals and grows on a thin stalk.

#8 Poppy Anemone

Source: Gardenista

Poppy anemone displays large, showy flowers with black centers and delicate petals in white or shades of pink, purple, red, or blue. This flower type blooms from March to May.

#9 Snowdrop Anemone

Source: Emeraldplants

Snowdrop Anemone is a hardy perennial that shows off white flowers and glossy green leaves in spring.

#10 Anemone Tomentosa

Source: Gardenia

Anemone Tomentosa is a perennial that bears white flowers from April to June. The plant has long, silky hairs on its leaves and stem.

#11 Anemone x Hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’

Source: Sarahraven

Anemone x Hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’ puts off big, bright white petals and a deep purple center to add a touch of elegance to any garden.

#12 Canada Anemone

Source: Onplants

Canada Anemone features white flowers with purple-tinged petals and grows to a height of around 12 inches. This flower blooms in the spring, typically from April to May.

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#13 Anemone Palmata

Source: First-nature

The flower has unique leaves that are finely divided leaves with up to nine leaflets and are deeply divided into three lobes and have sharply serrated edges. Its blooming time is May to June.

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