13 Vibrant Foliage Plants For Year-Round Color

Colorful foliage plants can help you add colors to your garden all year long. The leaves of these 13 plants exhibit continuous displays of gorgeous hues, which may be used to brighten a shaded place or give a splash of color and texture to your favorite bed.

Moreover, some of them could even bloom in marvelous styles and colors. They definitely bring spring and summer to your green space whose colors are bright and even pastels spread over your garden.

#1. Hosta

Source: Gardening Know How

Its brilliant yellow foliage makes shaded areas cheerful and cheery all year long. Even its hue changes with the seasons, turning a colder shade into a chartreuse yellow. Because they quietly bring vitality and do well in shaded settings, they are a favorite.

#2. Coleus

Source: All About Gardening

Coleus used to prefer the shade to grow. The brilliant hues of newer kinds, however, shine best in direct sunlight. Sun-loving coleus keeps your garden bright and summery with a variety of solid reds, pinks, and yellows as well as mixtures of many vibrant colors.

#3. Amaranthus Tricolor

Source: Nurserylive

Although this particular amaranth species produce blooms, its foliage steals the stage. A distinctively gorgeous scene is produced when yellows, reds, and oranges seep into the green. Ensure that your amaranthus tricolor receives as much sunlight as you can. Its leaves will be more vibrant, the more sun it needs.

#4. Ninebark

Source: Fine Gardening Magazine

Whichever the kind, ninebark keeps things interesting in your landscape. Your garden will constantly change while remaining beautiful, from vibrant shifting colors to adorable small blossoms.

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#5. Coral Bells

Source: Proven Winners

Coral bells are popular because of their vivid hues, but the real attraction lies in their rough leaves. You could encounter splotchy, veiny, or even speckled leaves, depending on the cultivar.

#6. Smoke Tree

Source: The Tree Center

The smoke tree’s finest feature is that it can grow in any type of soil as long as it drains adequately. It also doesn’t seem to mind the pH of the soil and, once established, can endure dry circumstances.

#7. Begonia

Source: Gardening Know How

They are not the easiest foliage plants to take care of because they like shade and the most tropical of temperatures. Their unique needs, however, can be better met when cultivated inside, enabling their gorgeous hues to stand out.

#8. Croton

Source: Martha Stewart

It is quite vulnerable to colder winters. Planting your crotons in portable pots is the simplest method to keep them cheerful and vibrant during the cooler months. You should relocate your crotons indoors or to a protected spot as soon as it begins to get cold.

#9. Canna

Source: American Meadows

Any area becomes a tropical paradise when canna lilies are present. Usually, their beautiful blossoms and big foliage are enough to entice anyone. The vivid foliage of several canna lily species has intriguing patterns that brighten and give dimension to your environment.

#10. Caladium

Source: Roger’s Gardens

Caladiums infuse landscapes with vitality and brightness, best illuminating regions that are shaded, whether completely or partially. This unusual plant gives textured beds or pots a delicate touch.

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#11. Dusty Miller

Source: Costa Farms

The nicest part about Dusty Miller is how well-suited any color is to its silver-white tones. All year long, it will add color to your flowerbeds and draw attention to itself.

#12. Sweet Potato Vine

Source: Spring Hill Nurseries

Caladiums infuse landscapes with vitality and brightness, best illuminating regions that are shaded, whether completely or partially. This unusual plant gives textured beds or pots a delicate touch.

#13. Cordyline

Source: Sugar Creek Gardens

It has long, sword-like leaves that are a vivid purple-pink with a striking pink edge. As long as they receive enough light, cordylines will remain their vivid, luminous selves throughout the whole year.

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