13 Popular Herbs That Actually Grow Best In Shade

Plants need sunlight to grow, but there are also plants that grow best in the shade. So, if your yard doesn’t get a lot of sunshine, you don’t need to let those spots go to waste and bare. By planting herbs that love growing in the shade, you can still have an excellent growing season. It isn’t hard to find which ones are best for shade, check out 13 Popular Herbs That Actually Grow Best In Shade below!
13 Popular Herbs That Actually Grow Best In Shade
They promise to offer a nice variety to your garden both in flavor and in visual beauty. Not just that they absolutely do not need to take care of too much, but they will grow beautifully and thrive even if they’re planted on the north side of your house or under an evergreen tree. That is all that they need to grow well and you will have your favorite herbs to add to delicious dishes on daily meals.

#1 Cilantro

Source: Victoriananursery

Cilantro grows very well in cool soil but doesn’t like hot sun, it will bolt easily if exposed too long to direct sunlight. This herb needs to be watered regularly because it prefers moisture more than anything else.

#2 Perilla

Source: Greencolibris

Perilla is famous for its strong peppery aroma and the purple variety smells especially nice. This shade-loving herb doesn’t require much care and grows easily in containers too!

#3 Mint

Source: Theherbalacademy

Mint thrives as well in low light without requiring much sun. It loves moist soil and starts at about 18 inches tall with flowers that bloom on summer days.

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#4 Thyme

Source: Finedininglovers

There are several thyme types, and all will thrive in the shade. This herb also doesn’t require any special care but will reward you with pretty purple, pink, or white blossoms from June to August.

#5 Basil

Source: Bonnieplants

Basil is known for its easy-to-grow properties. It loves growing in shade for 6 hours of sunlight per day because its leaves can be wilted in the hot summer season or bolted too fast.

#6 Dill

Source: Herbsathome

Dill likes to grow in a shady garden, it seems happier with less sun exposure. Also, plant it in moist soil at all times.

#7 Oregano

Source: Nybg

Oregano prefers cooler weather so it will grow well in shady spots. This herb can take over your garden if not planted correctly, but when getting the right care, the plants will give a stunning look for borders or as a ground cover under trees.

#8 Lovage

Source: Freepik

Lovage is a well-loved herb and belongs to the carrot family. It looks, smells, and tastes similar to celery. It prefers to grow in partial shade, especially during hot climates. It grows best if getting 4-6 hours of sun each day and rich soil with enough water.

#9 Sage

Source: Victoriananursery

Sage is a tough herb that does well in partial shade. For its happy growth, avoid overwatering them!

#10 Summer Savory

Source: Albertcountymuseum

Summer Savory grows well even without full sun to offer flowers with an unusual shape and pungent aroma. This herb can reach 8 inches tall on average.

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#11 Parsley

Source: Gardening4joy

Parsleys are shade-loving herbs. You can grow them every two years, you can enjoy them all summer long without worrying about cold winter days.

#12 Sorrel

Source: Herbcottage

Sorrel can grow well in many different climates but also tolerate partial shade. Give the plants water regularly and avoid exposing them on hot summer days.

#13 Rosemary

Source: Bunnysgarden

Rosemary does not require direct sunlight, it just gets at least 4 hours of sunshine per day for optimum growth. Grow it in partial shade and keep the soil dry out in between waterings.

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