13 Houseplants That Grow Fast And Tall

Do you want your houseplants to grow like a house afire to add beauty and character to your home instantly? Go for the 13 Houseplants That Grow Fast And Tall today. They just need in just a couple of weeks for growing to give green space a quick jungle look. Growing them indoors will grow fast and fill up empty space in your house and bring vibrancy and life to your living quarters. Check out if you are interested in them.
13 Houseplants That Grow Fast And Tall
Owing a beautiful indoor garden requires a lot of effort and time. However, there are some fast-growing indoor plants that you can use to make your indoor paradise grow faster and be eye-catching, and these plants below are the best candidates that you will love. They are also easy to care for and make for a charming addition to your rooms. It’s time to choose some that fit all your home decor needs.

#1 Dumb Cane

Source: Reddit

In the right conditions, this plant can grow fast if grown and grow up to 5-6 feet tall with large green leaves splashed in white and yellow.

#2 Noble Fir

Source: Huntersgardencentre

Noble Fir has spectacular dense branches and upward needle-like foliage. This evergreen tree grows fast and can reach 2 feet per year. It grows well in full sun to part shade.

#3 Rubber Plant

Source: Happyhouseplants

Rubber Plant can grow 24 inches in a season. Use bamboo or dowels to give support for its growth.

#4 Tree Philodendron

Source: Balconygardenweb

Tree Philodendron is a fast-growing plant with lush green foliage. It doesn’t like a lot of direct sunlight, grows well in moist soil for the best growth with 4-7 feet tall.

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#5 Fiddle Leaf Fig

Source: Fastgrowingtrees

Fiddle Leaf Fig grows fast and produces big foliage to match. It can grow up to 1-2 feet in a year indoors if grown in the right conditions.

#6 Pothos

Source: Ohiotropics

Pothos grows fast and owns heart-shaped leaves that give a stunning look.

#7 Guiana Chestnut

Source: Thespruce

Guiana Chestnut is a feng-shui plant that grows fast in a warm, bright spot with indirect light in your home. It can reach 6-8 feet indoors.

#8 Weeping Fig

Source: Thespruce

Weeping Fig is a fast-growing houseplant and can reach 5-6 feet tall in a short time.

#9 Bamboo

Source: Ikea

Bamboo grows rapidly, even some varieties get mature in just 90 days. Providing it the right light and care, you can easily grow this plant indoors.

#10 Hibiscus

Source: Tbrnewsmedia

Hibiscus can grow up to 4-6 feet in height and put out its ravishing blooms. Growing them in indoors with sufficient sunlight.

#11 Snake Plant

Source: Domino

Snake Plant grows fast and tall with edges in silver, grey, or gold hues. It has upright, sword-like foliage.

#12 Australian Umbrella Tree

Source: Crocus

Australian Umbrella Tree grows fast and can achieve 5-7 feet. There are many types that you can choose from.

#13 African Milk Tree

Source: Pottedpixie

African Milk Tree grows well and grows up to 2-3 feet a year and can reach an impressive final height of 8-9 feet. For the best growth indoors, place it on a south-facing window for bright, indirect light.

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