13 Herbs That You Can Grow From Cuttings

Do you know that you can get free herbs month to month year-round by cutting methods from the mother’s plant? An in the post today, we’ve listed 13 Herbs That You Can Grow from Cuttings that you will easy to make at home. It also is an easy and less time-consuming method than seed propagation to start your own nursery. Just with a few successful cuttings, you can lead to an immense wealth of fresh herbs within reach.
13 Herbs That You Can Grow From Cuttings
Before beginning, you just know some basic information, you will grow a healthy herb garden. For soft-stemmed herbs like basil, mint, lemon balm, and stevia, all you need is a glass of water to place the cuttings in, a sunny windowsill, and a bit of your patience. Woody herbs like thyme, tarragon, sage, and oregano, marjoram require soil instead of a glass of water, and some need a little help from a rooting hormone. For this case, you just need to drop your cuttings in water, or dip them in a rooting hormone and plant them into the soil, and in just weeks, your cuttings will be forming new roots. Once the roots have formed, you can transplant them into pots or move them outdoors. Happy gardening!

#1 Basil

Image Credits: Gardeningknowhow

#2 Mints

Image Credits: Gardeningknowhow

#3 Lemon Balm

Image Credits: Feastandfarm

#4 Sage

Image Credits: Anandavalley

#5 Parsley

Image Credits: Ehow

#6 Lavender

Image Credits: Gardenersworld

#7 Savory

Image Credits: Harvesttotable

#8 Stevia

Image Credits: Mikesbackyardnursery

#9 Oregano

Image Credits: Indoorgardenook

#10 Marjoram

Image Credits: Growveg

#11 Salvia

Image Credits: Thepropagatorblog

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#12 Thyme

Image Credits: Thekitchenherbs

#13 Tarragon

Image Credits: Thespruce

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