13 Easy-to-grow Climbing Vegetables For The Garden Wall

If you want to grow more vegetables in the limited garden, climbing vegetables are an easy solution to this dilemma. In the post today, we’ve listed the 13 Easy-to-grow Climbing Vegetables For The Garden Wall that will provide you with bountiful crops, without taking up too much valuable space. Now, you can grow these veggies up your garden walls, over trellises and tipis, and even along with wire supports.
12 Easy-to-grow Climbing Vegetables For The Garden Wall
Growing your own vegetables not only is a great way to get fresh, great-tasting food but also good for your physical and mental health. However, not everyone has enough luck to own a large garden, even citizens living in the city. There are many people who mistakenly believe that they need a large garden or allotment space to grow their own food. Don’t let this mindset prevent them from trying to grow anything. So, whether you have a small garden, you also have more vegetables as you desire. With the right choice of climbing and vining crops, the sky really is the limit, keep reading to know about these vegetables.

#1 Cucumber

Source: Scholastic

All cucumber varieties are climbing vegetables, which means they thrive in a garden wall. Give them enough support as their fruits develop.

#2 Pole Beans

Source: Thespruce

Pole Beans are incredibly easy to grow which makes they are a common part of most vertical gardens. Provide sturdy support, lots of light, and plenty of water for the best growth.

#3 Peas

Source: Harvesttotable

Peas are easy-to-care-for, heavy-cropping plants. They grow very happily along trellising, wires, or any other support structure. All kinds of climbing pea varieties also will thrive in a garden wall.

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#4 Malabar Spinach

Source: Groundbreakingroots

Malabar Spinach is an easy to grow, cut-and-come-again vine that grows quickly and produces attractive glossy green leaves. It is a tropical perennial vegetable so thrives in milder climates.

#5 Pumpkin

Source: Washingtonpost

Pumpkin also is a climbing vegetable so when the vines grow, you’ll need to support each pumpkin fruit with a stretch sling that’s also attached to the trellis.

#6 Nasturtiums

Source: Gardenerspath

Nasturtiums aren’t just pretty to look at, both their flowers and young leaves are also edible. It is a vining variety that can reach up to 6ft. Train them up trellises or poles, and allow them to spill climb on your wall.

#7 Melons and Watermelons

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Melons and Watermelons will happily grow upwards as long as you provide enough sturdy support.

#8 Chayote

Source: Schoolgardenweekly

Chayote thrives when grown-up fencing or trellising. It prefers to grow in subtropical to moderately cool climates.

#9 Loofah (Luffa)

Source: Nhm

Loofah (Luffa) grows well in warmer climates, it will thrive in large containers as long as grows in well-draining soil and gets enough support.

#10 Hops

Source: Gulleygreenhouse

Hops are a fast-growing vine, you can easily train this climbing vegetable up garden walls or trellising for your limited space.

#11 Lablab Beans

Source: Gardenerspath

Lablab Beans are short-lived perennials that will thrive in containers and its particularly fond of warmer growing conditions.

#12 Tomatoes

Source: Thisnzlife

You can grow both bush and vining tomato varieties in a small space by training them to grow up a wall or trellis. Give them enough support as they grow.

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#13 Bitter Melon

Source: Morningchores

Bitter melons are tropical and subtropical vegetables so they grow well in hot and moist weather. These climbing vegetable plants are easy to take care of and can grow comfortably on pergolas and trellis.

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