13 Easy and Money Saving Vegetable Growing Hacks

Your gardening work will become extremely interesting and easy after you read our post today. Here we’ve summed up the 13 Easy and Money Saving Vegetable Growing Hacks to help your gardening simpler than ever. Instead of spending amount money to buy vegetables outside, you can grow them right in your garden, you know surely they are fresh and organic foods at the same time.
13 Easy and Money-saving Vegetable Growing Hacks
Taking them a look, they are even scraps like the head of fresh pineapple, seeds of cucumber. All of these can be easily solved with these hacks here. Just give them a try for the first time, you will see that they are not only so easy but also safe. Besides, you can make easily a few steps and simple materials such as paper towels, cups, bowls… To know more details about them, read now below!

#1 Tomato Slices

Source: Littlethings

You can easily grow tomatoes at home by making 1/4 inch thick slices of fresh tomato and laying them on top of the container. Then, cover each slice in soil, spray water to make it wet enough so that when you cover all sides they will be well-rooted plants.

#2 Grow Ginger

Source: Gardenerspath

Ginger can be grown easily with the pieces that have buds, put them into potting soil on top so their cut cheeks are faced down. And then, thorough watering and placing where there’s filtered sunlight

#3 Grow Pineapple

Source: Housebeautiful

Growing pineapple is quite easy. Simply, cut off the head of fresh pineapple and put it in your potting mix with some water, wait two weeks and soon you will have a new plant.

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#4 Grow Eggplants

Source: Garden

To grow eggplants, you can do with these simple hacks below. First, Make a cut on the bottom of your eggplant, microwave for two minutes. Next, peel it and remove its seeds, add them into water and strain it. Then, take an eggshell, fill it with potting mix and sow seeds.

#5 Grow Lemon In A Cup

Source: Fastgrowingtrees

After using fresh lemons, just toss some lemon seeds in a cup. Keep them moist and provide the right conditions for growth by keeping their soil in an open pot or window sill.

#6 Grow Bittermelon

Source: Onszaden

When Bittermelon is overripe, you can grow it by cutting it open, taking out the seeds, and sowing them or you could just plant an entire piece in a pot as well.

#7 Grow Cucumbers

Source: Herzindagi

You can grow Cucumbers is by scooping out the seeds from cucumber and adding them to water. The ones at the bottom that settle themselves are the seeds you should pick. Then, you can just transfer these over for growing more cucumbers.

#8 Potato Tip

Source: Gardeningsoul

Cut the potatoes into halves, fill up with potting soil and plant them cut-side down.

#9 Grow Marigold

Source: Bmaker

Dried marigold flowers have seeds in them, which you can use to start a new plant by rubbing dried flower petals over the planting bed or pot.

#10 Grow Lavender

Source: Blackgold

Rub the bloom in your palm to get the seeds out, and spread them on paper towels overnight before transferring them into the soil for 8-10 weeks.

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#11 Grow Capsicums

Source: Bhg

You can grow new capsicum plants by collecting their seeds. Put them in a bowl, then fill your potting mix into an appropriately sized container. Place it somewhere it will receive indirect sunlight. You will see the seeds sprouting in a couple of weeks.

#12 Grow Squash

Source: Garden

You can grow Squash by cutting away at its top. Scoop out any seeds and then spread them across an organic potting mix, then cover them with soil and do some thorough watering.

#13 Onions Sprouts

Source: Howtogrowpotatoes

Growing onions is so easy! All you have to do for beautiful onions is to plant them in the soil, water well, and place where it gets partial sunlight.

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