13 Easiest Indoor Plants without Care

Want to add green space to your home, but you don’t know what plants you should grow? Learn about the 13 Easiest Indoor Plant without Care. Even if you are a beginner and lack experience, they are great natural gifts to accompany in your living space just with requiring minimal care. You just give them at least the growing conditions for their survival, and they’ll reward you with beautiful leaves, even charming flowers.
13 Easiest Indoor Plant without Care
Apart from giving green space to any of the corners of the home, they are proven to bring a lot of health benefits such as releasing oxygen at night, reducing headaches, making comfortable sleep, and others. Each has its own beauty and use, so you can grow some types for every place in your space. No matter where you put them, from tabletops, windowsills to corners, they promise to keep you amazed by both outer beauty and inner benefits.

#1 Cast-Iron Plant

Source: Plantura.garden

Cast-Iron Plant is one of the toughest plants that can endure low light, low humidity, neglect, and lots of temperatures.

#2 Spider Plant

Source: Bybrittanygoldwyn

Spider Plant is a popular houseplant thanks to its toughness, maintenance, and ease of propagation. It can adjust to almost any condition as long as getting bright spots and slight moisture.

#3 Aloe

Source: Interiorplants

Aloe grows easily in pots indoors, with slight care, this plant can maintain for many years. It grows best in sunny positions, but also withstands shade. When growing it, you just give it water occasionally, even it can live for a long time without water.

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#4 Snake Plant

Source: Oxy-plants

Snake Plant is the easiest plant that can tolerate extreme drought, even when you forget to water.

#5 Fiddle Leaf Fig

Source: Designedsimple

Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of the toughest houseplants. Thanks to large leathery foliage and height, the plant can create a statement in any room in your home.

#6 Jade Plant

Source: Petalrepublic

When grown indoors, keep the Jade Plant on a spot where it gets partial or indirect sunlight. The plant belongs to the succulent family, its thick leaves and stems can store water, so the plant can grow well in poor soils.

#7 Peace Lily

Source: Interiorplants

Peace Lily has air-purifying properties when grown indoors. The plant can endure low light and love moist soil. It also does well in a bathroom or in rooms with fewer windows.

#8 Dumbcane

Source: Houseplantcentral

Dumbcane is an excellent houseplant since it can adapt to low light and shade as well. For happy growth, give the plant evenly moist soil, well-drained, and moderate room temperature.

#9 Lucky Bamboo

Source: Nurserylive

Lucky Bamboo is a part of the Dracaena genus and is an easy-care plant. It will grow well even in indirect light as long as getting abundant water.

#10 Rubber Tree

Source: Nestreeo

The Rubber Tree is a wonderful natural air purifier and easy-to-grow plant. To keep it in shape, occasional pruning, also taking care of the plant is quite simple.

#11 ZZ Plant

Source: Mytastefulspace

Native to eastern Asia, the ZZ plant is a tropical plant with glossy and strong leaves. It is probably the easiest plant to maintain, it can grow in almost any condition, and requires only little light.

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#12 Umbrella Tree

Source: Amazon

The umbrella Tree is a beautiful tropical plant with just low care. It thrives in a bright spot that receives indirect sun.

#13 Ponytail Palm

Source: Joyusgarden

Ponytail Palm has swollen trunk that is able to store water. It is an easy-growing and long-lived houseplant. It grows slowly and withstands dry air.

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