13 Best Beautiful Houseplant for Hanging Baskets

When it comes to decorating indoor space, hanging plants are one of the great ways to give the home a natural green environment that has some height as well as provides more options that will brighten up the space. If you’re short on space for tables, countertops, or shelves, the list of indoor hanging plants today is a perfect option to infuse your home with live greenery. Let’s explore the 13 Best Beautiful Houseplant for Hanging Baskets for your home.
13 Best Beautiful Houseplant for Hanging Baskets
Whether your space is, they make your space look and feel more cozy and welcoming. Not just that, there are many studies that have proven these houseplants may help reduce stress and reduce indoor air pollutants. Besides, they are easy to grow with some basic care including moist soil, well drainage, water, and light. You are good at gardening or not, you also easily succeed growing them. For good reason, it’s time to grow some to your home now.

#1 Spider Plants

Source: Petals

Spider Plants are perfect for a hanging basket as the new growths hang from the plant in a spider-like fashion, which will dangle under the basket. Plus, it does not take much effort to grow.

#2 Chenille Plant

Source: Lakeside

Chenille Plant has red flowers that dangle with the leaves so it looks great when hung in baskets for any room. This plant prefers sandy, well-drained soil, and full sun.

#3 Bird’s Nest Fern

Source: Shopterrain

Bird’s Nest Fern can grow to be about 2 feet and needs a lot of humidity to grow.

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#4 Boston Fern

Source: Urbanoasis

Boston Fern can grow to be about 2 or 3 feet tall and prefers to grow in moist and well-draining soil.

#5 English Ivy

Source: Balsamhill

English Ivy has long vines that can make a beautiful wall display when planted in a hanging basket. It grows well in partial sun and rich, and well-drained soil.

#6 Burro’s Tail

Source: Cactuslimon

Burro’s Tail belongs to the succulent family that has thick stems and cascading leaves that look great in a hanging basket.

#7 Christmas Cactus

Source: Cactusjungle

Thanks to pink and purple blooms, a Christmas Cactus becomes an excellent option for an indoor hanging plant. It does well in partial sun and well-draining soil.

#8 Peperomia

Source: JR dB

Peperomia can grow to have a trail that is up to 3 feet long. It needs to be well-drained with slightly acidic soil.

#9 String of Nickels

Source: Homeplantsguide

The leaves of String of Nickels have a unique shape like small coins dangling from a rope. The plant prefers to grow with filtered light and an average amount of water.

#10 String of Pearls

Source: Oxleynursery

The String of Pearls is succulent, and the leaves are pearl-like balls that grow on a stem that can be up to 2 feet in length. It grows well in indirect sunlight and well-draining soil.

#11 Arrowhead Plant

Source: Bhg

For the best growth, the Arrowhead Plant requires average water to grow and prefers high humidity.

#12 Maidenhair Fern

Source: Beardsanddaisies

The Maidenhair Fern is another great choice for your hanging basket idea. It’s easy to care for, especially indoors, can grow in direct or indirect sunlight.

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#13 Prayer Plant

Source: Bybrittanygoldwyn

Prayer Plant do best with indirect sunlight and slightly acidic soil that drains well.

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