13 Beautiful Fall Flowers For Container Garden

Summer flowers like to show off their blooming, but fall has its own brand of beauty and also is a great time to plant flowers. It’s time to change out your summer container gardens for a fall look now that the days are growing shorter and temperatures cooling. And here are 13 Beautiful Fall Flowers for Container Garden, surely they will make your autumn garden shine.
13 Beautiful Fall Flowers For Container Garden
By growing fall flowers, you can enjoy colorful bloomers until the first hard freeze. As you can see in the list today, not only the mums but there are also others for a container garden that you can grow for a great show of colors in autumn. At the same time, we will provide their names as well as some of their characteristics and requirements. Keep reading to find the perfect plants to fill out your gardens and make a beautiful autumn landscape full of vivid colors

#1 Caryopteris

Source: Crocus

Caryopteris has deep blue flowers and grayish-green leaves with tiny silver veins.

#2 Black-Eyed Susan

Source: Thespruce

Black-Eyed Susan blooms from summer to fall until the end of October. This flower can transform your fall flower garden with exciting yellow (also having different colors)

#3 Million Bells

Source: Hgvt

Million Bells has small and showy petunia-like flowers. This flower blooms from spring, summer and continues in fall

#4 Toad Lily

Source: Garden

Toad Lily has orchid-like flowers, it blooms from late summer to the end of autumn.

#5 Coral Bells

Source: Plantaddicts

Coral Bells has interesting leaf textures and a mind-blowing spectrum of colors. For a fabulous fall container garden display, you can pair it with other fall plants.

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#6 Sweet Autumn Clematis

Source: Altums

Sweet Autumn Clematis has dainty white flowers with a sweet scent, it starts to open from late summer until late fall and even up to winters in warm climates.

#7 Oxalis

Source: Farmergracy

Oxalis has beautiful inconspicuous pink flowers that start to appear from summer and continue in the autumn.

#8 Mums

Source: Bhg

Mums are popular flowers that are available in so many colors and they grow super easily in any condition.

#9 Aster

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Aster produces a blanket of small daisy-like blooms full of nectar. They bring bees, butterflies, and color to any garden.

#10 Marigold

Source: Balconygardenweb

Marigold comes in many colors to add a vivid dimension to your garden in spring.

#11 Pansy

Source: Suttons

Pansy is bloom year-round and super easy to grow, and in moderate climates.

#12 Coleus

Source: Successfulselfwateringcontainers

Coleus produces stunning foliage that comes in vivid colors and flowers. This flower prefers a lot of bright, indirect light.

#13 Goldenrod

Source: Balconygardenweb

This flower blooms from late summer to fall. They are happy to be grown in containers.

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