12 Types Of Chard Veggies To Grow In The Garden

Chards are the most popular crop for the home gardener as they are one of the crops that are easy to grow and take care of, so if you’re a beginner, this bright and flavorful vegetable is the first choice. They don’t require much fertilizer and are fairly low-maintenance as long as you give them nice well-drained soil and regular watering. You really only need to sow chard once per year to have greens all spring, summer, and fall. Plus, you can grow them in pots, containers, or any DIY planters.
12 Types Of Chard Veggies To Grow In The Garden
If you have a hard time being patient, the list of the 12 Types Of Chard Veggies To Grow In The Garden will help you can enjoy those homegrown vegetables that much sooner. They not only are a colorful addition but also are loaded with many vitamins and minerals such as A and K, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and manganese. You’ll get a boost of fiber, an abundance of health benefits, and a mild delicious flavor in any recipe. There is nothing better than growing chards by yourself and supplying natural fresh and organic veggies in daily meals, right?

#1 ‘Oriole’

Source: Mygardenlife

‘Oriole’ is named after the Oriole bird, hence the name. It is a gorgeous open-pollinated organic that matures in about 60 days. It offers golden-yellow stems standing out amongst lustrous deep green leaves.

#2 ‘Peppermint’

Source: Seedbankbox

Although this Chard has ‘Peppermint’ name, it doesn’t taste minty. It produces bright candy-cane striped stems and verdant green leaves. The vivid pink and white striations make for beauty in the garden. This type is highly bolt-resistant and disease-resistant.

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#3 ‘Lucullus’

Source: Edenbrothers

Through hot weather until the first frosts, ‘Lucullus’ produces yield heavily with heavily crumpled leaves. Its broad white ribs are crisp and crunchy amidst thick light green leaves.

#4 ‘Red Magic’

Source: Burpeeeurope

‘Red Magic’ is an ultra-vigorous, fast-growing variety. This variety needs about 55 to 65 days to mature in full sunlight

#5 ‘Rainbow Sprinkles’

Source: Reddit

‘Rainbow Sprinkles’ offers maximum color in just 16-25 days. Its greens are loaded with nutrition and a tender delectable flavor for many dishes such as salads, garnishes, and slaws.

#6 ‘Fordhook Giant’

Source: Deepharvestfarm

‘Fordhook Giant’ gives a productive yield during the season. It prefers full sun to a slight shade to bring dark green leaves that are thick and very savoyed (curly and crumply).

#7 ‘Barese Swiss Chard’

Source: Ajc

The stems of the ‘Barese Swiss Chard’ are pale greenish-white and the leaves are dark green with a lovely flat shape. The plant takes 50 days to mature.

#8 ‘Perpetual Spinach’

Source: Captiveroots

‘Perpetual Spinach’ is a special sub varietal that tastes and looks more like their spinach cousin. The leaves are flatter and more pointed, the stems are slimmer, and they can be grown as a low-maintenance alternative to spinach.

#9 ‘Bright Lights’

Source: Edenbrothers

‘Bright Lights’ is the classic blend of chard stems ranging from vibrant Fuschia to golden yellow to whitish-green to deep burgundy. This variety takes 55 to 60 days to mature.

#10 ‘Pink Lipstick’

Source: Tradewindsfruit

‘Pink Lipstick’ shines just as loud as any daisy. It is open-pollinated and ready to harvest in 30 to 60 days.

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#11 ‘Charbell’

Source: Johnnyseeds

‘Charbell’ produces vibrant, clean leaves that grow perfectly upright for baby greens harvest. It has a heavy savoy as well as bright Fuschia stems and veins for beautiful color and texture.

#12 ‘Rhubarb Supreme’

Source: Mashed

‘Rhubarb Supreme’ produces vibrant rhubarb-red stems and crumply savoyed leaves. This type takes about 60 days to reach bunching maturity but can be harvested for smaller leaves.

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