12 Stunning Flowers That Have Jingle Bell Shape

Christmas is coming, it also is the time with family and friends. If you want to add a Christmassy vibe to your home and garden for this great moment, we’ve rounded up the 12 Stunning Flowers That Have Jingle Bell Shape you and your member in the family surely fall in love with. They are ravishing flowering plants to alluring fragrant plants, there are some beauties to choose from.
12 Stunning Flowers That Have Jingle Bell Shape
You can grow them in to deck up your porch and garden for the coming Christmas eve! Each has its own beauty to liven up any space around your home. Like other plants, they are also quite easy to grow and take care of to give you the best beauty. You can buy them in a plant shop on the internet and place them in your living space to have natural beauty for this holiday. Now, scroll them down to find some plants for your garden.

#1 Crown Imperial

Source: Natureandgarden

Crown Imperial has the red, orange, or yellow blooms dangle that looks like jingle bells. Its flowers have markings of round and white spots close to the base of each petal.

#2 Red Velvet

Source: Unknow

Red Velvet displays bowl-shaped dangling dark red blooms with backward curving petals.

#3 Angel’s Trumpet

Source: Gardenia

Angel’s Trumpet features beautiful pendulous sweet-smelling flowers that appear on woody shrubs or small trees. Its blooming time is from September to November, when in bloom, it’s quite a beautiful sight to look at.

#4 Black Beauty Lily

Source: Brecks

Black Beauty Lily shows off curly, cup-shaped crimson blossoms that have green highlights, raised papillae, and matching anthers.

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#5 Carolina Silverbell

Source: Bowerandbranch

Carolina Silverbell puts off beautiful white bell-shaped blossoms with contrasting yellow-green leaves. Its flowers appear in April.

#6 Bleeding Heart

Source: Gardendesign

The Bleeding Heart bears pink-white dangling flowers that resemble pretty bells beside green leaves on brown stems.

#7 Painted Abutilon

Source: Worldoffloweringplants

Painted Abutilon is an evergreen shrub and produces ornamental, bell-shaped orange blossoms from spring to fall. It has variegated maple-like glossy leaves that have a yellow hue.

#8 Bluebell

Source: Goodhousekeeping

From mid-April to late May, the Bluebell showcases bell-shaped dangling blue flowers appearing. These flowers are not only beautiful but also attract butterflies and bees to visit your garden.

#9 Fuchsia Jingle Bells

Source: Growjoy

Fuchsia Jingle Bells display flower buds in a bright Christmas red hue that opens to show a layered skirt of snow-white under which cherry red stamens droop like bell castanets.

#10 Jingle Bells Beard Tongue

Source: Newgarden

Jingle Bells Beard Tongue offers loose raceme of tubular, pendant-shaped orange-red blossoms from mid-summer to fall.

#11 Nanking Lily

Source: Thegenuslilium

Nanking Lily produces dangling jingle bell-shaped yellow blooms with red dots on petals and yellow stamens.

#12 Masdevallia Orchid

Source: Orchiddynasty

Masdevallia Orchid is a summer-blooming orchid. It puts off elongated, dangling, and compact blossoms in purple, white, and red hues.

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