12 Popular Spices You Can Grow Easily In Pots

Do you want to pick up fresh herbs growing in pots just outside your kitchen door? Consider growing the 12 Popular Spices You Can Grow Easily In Pots. That way, when you are in the middle of making dinner and realize you forgot to harvest a handful of onion or coriander, it’s only a few steps away. Also, growing these spices in pots will also save your garden space as well as take the most other space around your home such as a balcony, porch, and even windowsill to make a small garden.
12 Popular Spices You Can Grow Easily In Pots
These herbs are easy to grow, making them great choices for beginners. They also adapt well to the change of weather and don’t need to require a lot of effort from gardeners such as water, fertilizer, and pests. You will easily have herbs for each meal, but also can gain experience in planting and care from easy to difficult when starting.

#1 Onion

Source: Mybalconyjungle

Onion can be grown easily in pots. Simply, choose a minimum of 10 inches deep and wide planters, or you also grow it in a window box or tub, it also grows well.

#2 Coriander

Source: Hortzone

Coriander also is called cilantro and is commonly used in Pakistani, Indian, Mexican, and Latin American cooking. It is an easy to grow herbs that you can plant it in containers, in pots indoors.

#3 Garlic

Source: Sundaygardener

Garlic grows best both in gardens and pots. You can add it in the category of both vegetable and spice. Apart from using in cooking, it also has medicinal benefits.

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#4 Fennel Seeds

Source: Hydrangeasblue

Choose at least 12-14 inches in a deep pot to grow fennel seeds. Also, for the fennel plants to grow happily, Use a light potting medium and water frequently but in well-drained soil.

#5 Indian Bay Leaf

Source: Plants

Indian Bay Leaf is a tree but it can be grown easily in pots. It prefers to grow in warm subtropical and tropical climates. It also tolerates cold climates as long as being protected from harsh weather by moving the pot indoors.

#6 Cardamom

Source: Gardenista

Cardamom is a popular spice in Middle Eastern, Arabic, Indian and Swedish recipes. You can grow it easily in pots with basic care.

#7 Turmeric

Source: Gardenandhome

Turmeric can also be used in cooking and healing. In a cold climate, you should grow turmeric rhizomes in spring and early summer. Plant it throughout the year if you live in tropical and subtropical climates, except in hot summers

#8 Paprika

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Peppers are easy to grow in pots and adapt well to indoor conditions. By producing fruits, you also can grow them as beautiful houseplants.

#9 Ginger

Source: Stonewallgarden

Ginger is very easy to grow in pots indoors for a year-round harvest. Grow it in a wide pot and make sure that the eye bud is facing upwards. Place the pot in indirect sunlight and a warm spot. Keep soil moist but not wet to avoid root rot.

#10 Cumin

Source: Gardenerspath

Cumin seeds are used as a spice and the leaves are also edible but don’t have a valuable taste. This herb grows best in frost-free climates. Growing it in spring to harvest in summer. But plant it in winter if you live in a hot climate.

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#11 Curry Tree

Source: Pipingpotcurry

This Curry Tree can be both a herb and a spice with a distinct aroma and a sweet and lingering taste. It is used in chutneys, curries, uttapam, and most extensively in Sri Lankan and South Indian recipes.

#12 Black Pepper

Source: Lifezshining

This spice is one of the most popular spices in the world and is available in most kitchens. There are Black pepper fruits or peppercorns used in a variety of cuisines for their heat and spiciness. They grow well in pots as long as get a warm and humid climate.

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