12 Popular Herbs and Vegetables That Grow Well In The Snow

When winter comes, it also is the time of long-term cold days with frost and snow. For many people, this season is a hard time for many herbs and vegetables. That is the reason why food growers often hurry to gather and store them according to different ways. However, in our post today, you can some cold-hardy vegetables in your garden in hardy weather with extremely low temperatures. Below are 12 snow-tolerant species to consider growing in your winter garden. Check them out with us!
12 Popular Herbs and Vegetables That Grow Well In The Snow
These herbs and vegetables not only survive but also grow well in snowfall. What is better, they become incredibly delicious because cold winter temperatures and mild frosts are their favorite time, and of course, you don’t have to run with time to harvest them. You totally can enjoy them during this cool season. Some of these vegetables can even withstand thick snow and freezing temperatures to give you the best taste and nutrition value.

#1. Rosemary

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At the first snowfall, this herb won’t fall into a swoon. However, you also should grow it in pots or containers to bring them indoors when things get super cold.

#2. Leeks

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Leeks are native to harsh, cold climates that is the reason why they can grow well in snow.

#3. Parsley

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Parsley can grow in the -30 winter weather. It wasn’t merely still alive, it can thrive quite merrily.

#4. Winter Savory

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Winter Savory also grows well on winter days and thrives in your own space.

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#5. Arugula

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Arugula does better with cold weather than hot, as it’ll bolt when temperatures soar too high for its liking.

#6. Brussels Sprouts

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Brussels Sprouts can grow up through deep snow and get sweeter and more flavorful after a frost or three.

#7. Carrots

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Carrots are snow-tolerant species to give you fresh vegetables for delicious and tasty dishes on winter days.

#8. Beets

Image source: Harvesttotable

Beets also grow well in frost with your basic care.

#9. Kale

Image source: Westcoastseeds

Kale has a reputation for being stubborn enough to keep growing even under heavy snow. What’s better, kale sweetens significantly after being exposed to freezing temperatures.

#10. Celeriac

Image source: Exhibition-seeds

Celeriac grows well in the snow if it has a straw blanket to guard it against direct moisture.

#11. Cabbage

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Cabbage can often keep growing after a snow dump, depending on the variety.

#12. Horseradish

Image source: Harvesttotable

Horseradish also can grow in snow-hardy. For the best growth, let’s plant them about a week after the last frost date in your area.

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