12 Most Invasive Plant Species

Invasive plants are hard to control and grow well anywhere, making them troublesome plants. They survive in any condition and even thrive where they were established. To help you detect them early in your yard and garden, we have listed the 12 Most Invasive Plant Species that you should remove immediately.
12 Most Invasive Plant Species
They don’t have to be a weed and also by no means always ugly specimens. Although they might look stunning with eye-catching flowers, they will take over your entire garden in no time because of their rampant growth characteristics. Sometimes, these invasive species can be deceptively cute, stunning, or fragrant, but if you want to enhance your garden and yard without a huge headache in your own garden, they aren’t good choices!

#1 Common Buckthorn

Source: Diamondmowers

Common Buckthorn soon started to crowd out native plants, which were found in the 19th century. It plays host to several pests that damage the soil to cause more trouble for other plants in the garden.

#2 Purple Loosestrife

Source: Picturethisai

This is a beautiful invasive plant with purple flowers. This hardy perennial plant is harmful to wetlands and wildlife.

#3 Japanese Knotweed

Source: Nennis

Japanese Knotweed can be found almost from America to East Asia, it has been known for being troublesome that can crowd quickly, spread aggressively, and shade any native plants.

#4 Dame’s Rocket

Source: Sewisc

This plant can brighten up any space with fragrant, pink, purple, or white flowers. But it is an invasive plant that will bring potential damage to your garden.

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#5 Cheatgrass

Source: Gobotany

This weed is from Eurasia and Africa. In nature, it is very invasive by forming dense stands to outcompete the entire ecosystem.

#6 Kudzu

Source: Aces

Kudzu is one of the most common vining plants that can spread up to 1,50,000 acres yearly while weed spreads by 2,500, according to The United States Department of Agriculture states.

#7 Cogongrass

Source: Clemson

Cogongrass can be found easily at many garden centers and nurseries, but it is one of the most invasive weeds globally, according to the USDA, so you should not buy it.

#8 Bittersweet

Source: Dengarden

Bittersweet is a perennial, woody invasive plant that can thwart any thriving native plants. In colder months, it displays beautiful berries giving a stunning look to any garden.

#9 Giant Hogweed

Source: Wildfooduk

Giant Hogweed is a noxious invasive plant, its sap can cause burns, and painful scarring, even blindness.

#10 Spotted Knapweed

Source: Bingham

Spotted Knapweed also is a highly invasive weed that can quickly take over native species.

#11 Barberry

Source: Nature-and-garden

Barberry is one of the most common shrubs that you can find easily in many parts of America. It not only invades quickly but also provides shelter to deer ticks.

#12 Canada Thistle

Source: Inaturalist

Canada Thistle is a serious invasive species that can attack various plants in stream bans, fields, and stream bans.

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