12 Lucky Houseplants And Herbs For Your Kitchen

Apart from supplying green space for the environment, for human life, plants can bring some great benefits such as money, fortune, or luck. If you are a person who believes in Feng shui, there are some plants that would bring abundance and good fortune to maximize the positive energy of your home. And here are the 12 lucky houseplants and herbs for your kitchen that might attract good things in life that you desire, discover their names with us!
12 Lucky Houseplants And Herbs For Your Kitchen
Taking them a look, you will see that each has its own beauty and meaning, right? What is more, some houseplants are capable of purifying the air that can improve your life more comfortable. Or growing herbs right in the kitchen is also a great edible garden to give you flavorful herbs anytime when you cooking. So, we hope that you will find one choice which is suitable for your favorite. Putting them in your house as a member of the family, won’t let you down. Start growing them from today.

#1 Sage

Source: Gardenerspath

Sage is widely used to make incense and fights negative energies. Also, it also denotes longevity, wisdom, and immortality.

#2 Spearmint

Source: Growyouryard

Many people think that the herb brings wealth, prosperity, and luck. In addition, it is known for reducing stress and wards off negative energy.

#3 Four Leaf Clover

Source: Pinkoi

Four Leaf Clover is a famous lucky plant for many years time ago. Early Celts used it to eradicate evil. Later, St. Patrick used the leaf to manifest the holy trinity. The first leaf signifies faith, the second leaf hope, the third one denotes love, and the fourth luck.

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#4 Cactus

Source: Bunnings

Cactus epitomizes positivity, brings good news to the owner, and is also very easy to maintain.

#5 Lemon Tree

Source: Marthastewart

Lemon Tree could bring wealth and good fortune to the family members by attracting money and prosperity and also brightening up your kitchen.

#6 Basil

Source: Rurallivingtoday

Basil is believed that bring good luck and eliminate evil. Growing this herb in the North or northeast corner of the kitchen for good luck and wellness.

#7 Chamomile

Source: Islasgarden

In Feng Shui, the flowers of chamomile symbolize wealth and prosperity. Also, Chamomile tea retains positive energy in the body drawing out stress and anxiety.

#8 Aloe Vera

Source: Saga

Aloe Vera is an air purifier, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen thus having bountiful health benefits. Grow it in the north or east for positive energy.

#9 Lucky Bamboo

Source: Balconygardenweb

Lucky Bamboo has lush green leaves and stems of the plant that add an appealing look to the kitchen. You can grow it in water without using soil. Grow it in the southeast corner for financial luck.

#10 Thyme

Source: Thespruce

This herb is believed to foster career luck this boosting self-confidence and self-worth. Grow it in the Southeast to promote wealth, in North for a good career.

#11 Golden Pothos

Source: Nouveauraw

Golden Pothos displays heart-shaped leaves that look beautiful on the kitchen windowsill with trailing vines. It attracts good luck, wealth, prosperity, and positive energy.

#12 Lavender

Source: Apartmenttherapy

Lavender is an aromatic herb that brings positive vibes and reduces anxiety. Grow it in the northeast for relationships and in the west for health.

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