12 Lovely and Romantic Houseplants That Can Be Used As Gifts

Finding lovely and romantic houseplants to gift your loved ones or bring love vibes to the home, the list today will make you amazed. They are special with their unique beauty to bring a new look to the natural plant world. For many people, to give a gift that stands the test of time is always a challenge, but giving plants is one great way to try. Whatever type of plant you choose, surely it will last longer than cut flowers.
12 Lovely and Romantic Houseplants That Can Be Used As Gifts
Here are the 12 houseplants you can get starting, all of these plants are fairly easy to keep alive and look lovely. You just give them a little care, these plants will a beauty that lasts with time. You don’t need to wrap them, a simple bow is enough, or you can always put them inside a paper bag with a bow on the top if you want to keep the gift under wraps. You can buy them on the internet or in plant shops.

#1 Pink Calico Kitten

Source: Flickr

Pink Calico Kitten showcases fleshy and heart-shaped leaves, with a pink hue that looks cute in small pots.

#2 Violet Queen Echeveria

Source: Gardentags

Violet Queen Echeveria displays light silver-green, curved, slightly upward leaves. Especially, its edges will turn into violet when stressed and exposed to bright sunlight.

#3 Heart Leaf Hoya

Source: Floweraura

Heart Leaf Hoya has a single-rooted leaf that makes it romantic appeal. It shows off bright green heart-shaped leaves with white or creamy-yellow variegation on the center look adorable.

#4 Pebble Plant

Source: Amazon

Pebble Plant features cute, stemless, heart-shaped leaves that look like grey stones with red mottling on the flat surface.

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#5 Heart Fern

Source: Etsy

Heart Fern produces shiny, heart-shaped leaves on slender black stems.

#6 Pink Moonstone

Source: Succulentsbox

This succulent puts out a rosette of plump pink leaves that range to blue-lavender as well.

#7 Moth Orchid

Source: Bunches

Moth Orchid displays beautiful flowers on and off all year, it is easy to grow and does well in indirect sunlight.

#8 Flowering Kalanchoe

Source: Wearefound

Flowering Kalanchoe is a flowering succulent that looks marvelous when it blooms.

#9 Versadense Sedum

Source: Jennysecretgarden

Versadense Sedum has a cute little shape and displays decumbent or erect stems with rare pink leaves covered in tiny hairs.

#10 Moon Cactus

Source: Unknow

Moon Cactus offers colorful ball-shaped tops that come in bright red, yellow, orange, or pink color with small, sharp spikes on curved veins.

#11 String of Hearts

Source: Monsteragarden

The String of Hearts produces delicate, heart-shaped leaves on thin vines. Its leaves have a dark green hue, marbled in silver on the upper side and green to purple on the undersides.

#12 Poinsettia

Source: Whiteflowerfarm

Poinsettia has a romantic red color that makes it become an excellent choice to add an indoor garden.

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