12 Houseplant Varieties Tolerate Direct Sunlight

Everyone knows sunlight plays an important role in plants’ growth. If you love growing plants in the home to give your interior a touch of green for your living space and have the right rooms and sunny windows, you can grow some indoor plants today. Plus, they are so easy to care for from indoor gardeners as long as they get enough moisture and nutrients.
12 Houseplant Varieties Tolerate Direct Sunlight
There are many houseplants that will experience leaf scorch or wilt and die when they’re exposed to full sun, especially during the summer months. However, these houseplants can tolerate the heat, even thrive to give you green space in your home. These houseplants for direct sunlight won’t just survive the sunshine but will grow happily and look their best. Whether you’re after stunning flowers or striking foliage, this article will introduce you to the options.

#1 String of Pearls

Source: Thegreenpinky

The String of Pearls looks great in a hanging basket or cascading from a sunny windowsill. It has little green balls, about the size of a pea growing along its stems. Be aware, the plants are mildly toxic, so you should keep away from your kids and pets.

#2 Cacti

Source: Mygardenlife

Cacti are the ultimate low-maintenance houseplants and prefer to grow in the bright sun.

#3 Bird of Paradise

Source: Greg

Bird of Paradise is a stunning tropical plant with colorful flowers that can be orange, yellow, purple, or blue in color. It grows happily in warmth.

#4 Croton

Source: Apartmenttherapy

Croton produces brightly colored foliage that is available in different colors including red, pink, orange, yellow, green, and white. Not all Crotons will tolerate direct sun, but the brightly colored varieties will need the most sun.

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#5 Pleomele

Source: Thespruce

Dracena is a tropical plant that has long green leaves with yellow stripes. It can survive if you give them plenty of light and regular misting.

#6 Aloe Vera

Source: Gardenbagan

Aloe vera is a hardy succulent, so you don’t need to water them too often. It is a great low-maintenance and thrives in a sunny window.

#7 Hibiscus

Source: Platthillnursery

Hibiscus are stunning plants that produce spectacular large colorful flowers. They can be grown indoors in bright sunny rooms to flower well.

#8 Sago Palm

Source: Treehouse

Sago palms are low-maintenance indoor plants and tolerate direct sun. Remember that they are toxic so you should consider them before choosing to grow indoors.

#9 Jade Plant

Source: Apartmenttherapy

Jade plants also are succulents so they can grow happily in low-maintenance conditions. Also, they grow best in sunny spots and prefer to dry out a bit between waterings.

#10 Yucca

Source: Gardenersworld

Yucca plants have thick woody stems, so they don’t require much water and will grow in poor quality soil as long as it’s free draining. when the weather is warm, you can take them outside.

#11 Kalanchoe

Source: Thegardeningcook

Kalanchoe also belongs to the succulent family that loves direct sunlight to flower well and grow. It offers beautiful, long-lasting, brightly colored flowers that can be pink, orange, red, yellow, or white.

#12 Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

Source: Ourhouseplants

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue is a type of succulent with long, upright leaves. It is easy to care for and tolerate a variety of conditions including direct sun or low light. If you want to have a new plant, you can propagate from leaf cuttings or by dividing the clumps.

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