12 Excellent Nitrogen Fixing Plants to Grow In The Garden

When it comes to the plant’s healthy growth, fertilizing your garden with nitrogen is an absolute necessity. Without receiving sufficient nitrogen content nitrogen, your plants will likely develop yellowing, unhealthy-looking leaves. Instead of using chemical fertilizer, you can grow nitrogen-fixing plants. They are great alternatives because of using chemical fertilizer which has the ability to seriously deplete your soil of healthy bacteria, and even lead to it that is no longer reproductive and suitable for growing.
12 Excellent Nitrogen Fixing Plants to Grow In The Garden
If you want ways to provide this nutrient to your plants without loading up the soil with potentially harmful chemicals, the post today will give you some recommendations. These are easy to grow and easy to remove when it’s time to plant. In addition, they will help you harvest more as well as give your landscape looks more stunning.

#1 Partridge Pea

Source: Tarawildlife

The Partridge Pea thrives in zones 3-9 and prefers to grow in sandy soil. The plant features lovely flowers from May to October and can withstand the first frost.

#2 Texas Bluebonnet

Source: Statesymbolsusa

Texas Bluebonnet is a herbaceous perennial and is also a legume. The plant brings a gorgeous pop of blue color each and every spring, at the same time it is so effective at fixing nitrogen in the soil.

#3 Golden Lead Ball Tree

Source: Inaturalist

Golden Lead Ball Tree grows well in warm areas in zones 7-9. It offers large golden flowers in fuzzy balls and pale green foliage.

#4 Southern Peas

Source: Gardenseason

Southern Peas is an edible plant and is also a great cover crop. You can find the plant in varieties coming in many shapes, forms, and styles, including black-eyed peas, purple hulls, and cream peas. All are warm-season crops that grow well in any kind of soil and are easy to grow, harvest, and shell.

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#5 Lindheimer’s Senna

Source: Npsot

Lindheimer’s Senna bears stunning yellow flowers and pinnate leaves from August until October. The plant thrives in dry and stony soils, it is one of the perfect options for poor growth areas in your garden.

#6 Hairy Vetch

Source: Standishmilling

Hairy Vetch is an easy-to-grow plant and is excellent at fixing nitrogen in the soil. The plant prefers to grow in cold climates and grows happily in all soil types.

#7 Texas Mountain Laurel

Source: Pixels

The Texas Mountain Laurel grows well in zones 7-10. It produces stunning flowers with dense clusters of purple blossoms that have an enticing, heady aroma.

#8 White Sweet Clover

Source: Cdford

The flowers of the White Sweet Clover are irresistible to bees with stunning flowers. The plant is a drought-tolerant and rust-resistant option so it is a great option for supplying nitrogen for your garden.

#9 Peanuts

Source: Harvesttotable

Peanuts are herbaceous plants that can grow at any time in a garden’s life cycle and can be instrumental when it comes to growing a nitrogen-rich garden.

#10 Anacacho Orchid Tree

Source: Inaturalist

The Anacacho Orchid Tree is a hardy plant that grows well in zones 8-11. It has a great look with elegant white flowers that resemble folded hearts.

#11 Crimson Clover

Source: Guildfordgardencentre

The Crimson Clover is one of the most popular nitrogen-fixing plants. The gorgeous red flower heads reach three inches long to liven up the rest of your garden.

#12 Redbud

Source: Arborhilltrees

The Redbud plant is known for its ability to fix nitrogen in the soil and grows well in zones 4-8. The plant displays a beautiful understory with its purple-red buds, brown seed pods, and heart-shaped leaves

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