12 Best Herbs To Grow In Planter Boxes and Containers

When it comes to planting, most people think of a large garden. In fact, you can grow in small spaces such as pots, containers, or planter boxes. And there are a lot of herbs that can grow well in those limited spaces. Many grow in marginal soil, without added fertilizers. Some herbs can take over garden beds in a flash. Growing herbs in pots or planter boxes help keep them under control and right where you need them.
12 Best Herbs To Grow In Planter Boxes and Containers
And in the post today, we will introduce the 12 Best Herbs To Grow In Planter Boxes and Containers that you can grow and harvest right outside your door. If you like to season your meals with fresh herbs, there’s nothing easier than growing them yourself. Most of these herb plants just require little nutrients as well as tending. Not just that, they keep producing to the end of the season, even year-round. Growing your own herb garden is an economical way to enjoy tasty, healthy produce with minimal work and time.

#1 Basil

Image Credits: Thekitchn

Basil loves containers of all shapes and sizes and grows well from seed. It grows well in heat and full sun.

#2 Oregano

Image Credits: The Spruce

You can grow oregano in a deep, wide planter, they will grow quickly and expand.

#3 Thyme

Image Credits: The Spruce

Thyme is a low-growing herb, it is best planted at the edge of containers in nutritious soil.

#4 Cilantro

Image Credits: Smartfarmerkenya

Cilantro thrives in full sun and moist soil in a container at least 6 inches deep.

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#5 Sage

Image Credits: The Spruce

Sage is a perfect companion to container growing, it likes full sun and needs well-drained.

#6 Chives

Image Credits: Gardenerspath

You can grow chives in full sun or partial shade, they do best in fertile, well-drained soil.

#7 Parsley

Image Credits: Mr-fothergills

Parsley not only thrives in full sun but also tolerates partial shade.

#8 Winter Savory

Image Credits: Harvest To Table

Winter Savory thrives with 6 or more hours of sunlight per day. You can grow it in a planter box and give very little care.

#9 Mint

Image Credits: Verticalveg

Mint spreads aggressively so you should it in a container. Plant in soil 10 to 12 inches deep for adequate drainage and nourishment.

#10 Lemon Verbena

Image Credits: Rayvolt Bike

Lemon Verbena grows well in loose, well-drained soil located in full sun.

#11 French Tarragon

Image Credits: Havenly

French Tarragon is one of the easiest to grow herbs as it can tolerant of light, sandy soils that are low in nutrients.

#12 Sorrel

Image Credits: Gardenersworld

Sorrel is one of the earliest herbs to sprout and produce in springtime, so it is a welcome addition to any mixed pot or planter box. For the herb to thrive, you should trim or divide from year to year.

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