12 Best Companion Plants for Your Garlic Garden

Garlic is a popular vegetable that is easy to grow and offers numerous health benefits. However, to ensure your garlic crop is thriving and healthy, it is important to choose the right companion plants. Companion planting involves growing different crops in close proximity to one another, which can provide mutual benefits like pest control, improved soil health, and enhanced flavor.
12 Best Companion Plants for Your Garlic Garden
In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best companion plants for your garlic garden that can help you grow a bumper crop of delicious, healthy garlic. Some other great garlic companion plants giving you more green vegetables include cabbages, spinaches, kale, and tomatoes. Also, there are beautiful flowers such as marigolds, roses, and nasturtiums. All of them add flavor, variety, and beauty to your garden. Read on to learn about them!

#1 Tomatoes

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Planting garlic and tomatoes together can benefit both plants as garlic can repel pests from tomatoes and provide them with nitrogen, while tomatoes require plenty of sun and water like garlic. This combination not only helps to keep the garden organized but also provides delicious and flavorful harvests.

#2 Nasturtiums

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Growing garlic and nasturtiums together in the garden can be beneficial for both plants as the latter can attract ladybugs that prey on pests like aphids and whiteflies, while also repelling harmful pests like cucumber beetles and squash bugs with its natural compounds.

#3 Carrots

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Garlic and carrots are complementary crops that can be grown together during fall or spring, as they both thrive in cool weather. Furthermore, they have a similar harvesting process that involves lifting the soil with a pitchfork and pulling the crop out by its stem or stalk.

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#4 Marigolds

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Marigolds can repel pests such as whiteflies, aphids, and nematodes that harm garlic, while the strong aroma of garlic can also keep these pests away. In addition, marigolds have natural fungicidal properties that can prevent diseases like white rot and fusarium wilt in garlic, and planting them alongside garlic can create an attractive garden space.

#5 Potatoes

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Garlic’s strong scent repels pests, while its anti-fungal properties protect potatoes from blight. The potatoes provide natural nitrogen to the garlic, promoting healthy growth.

#6 Kale

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Growing kale and garlic together is a great idea as they make excellent companions. Kale, a nutritious green vegetable, is easy to grow and benefits from the disease-fighting properties of garlic. In addition, when grown as companion plants, the flavors of both vegetables are enhanced when cooked.

#7 Spinach

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Growing garlic alongside other vegetables is a smart gardening strategy, as garlic has natural properties that can benefit other plants. For instance, planting garlic near tomatoes can help to repel pests like aphids and whiteflies, while also providing nitrogen to the soil. Similarly, growing garlic alongside kale or spinach can protect those crops from pests and disease while enhancing their flavor. Additionally, garlic is a low-maintenance crop that is easy to grow, making it a great choice for beginner gardeners.

#8 Roses

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Rose bushes are often susceptible to pest infestations from aphids and thrips, which can harm the leaves and negatively impact the flowers. However, planting garlic alongside the roses can help to repel these pests and protect the health of the rose bushes. Moreover, the combination of garlic and roses creates an aesthetically pleasing garden while also promoting the growth and vitality of both plants.

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#9 Dill

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When grown together, garlic and dill create a great flavor combination, making dill a perfect Garlic Companion Plant. To avoid disturbing the sensitive root system of dill during the garlic harvest, consider planting it in between rows of garlic.

#10 Beetroot

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Growing garlic and beetroot together can be a smart choice as they are great companion plants. Garlic’s strong odor acts as a natural pest repellent that can protect the beetroot from pests. Meanwhile, beetroot releases compounds that help deter nematodes from attacking the garlic. Both plants also have similar soil requirements, making them easy to grow in the same space and creating a mutually beneficial garden setup.

#11 Chamomile

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Chamomile and garlic make great companions in the garden, as chamomile’s delicate flowers can enhance the flavor of garlic and help mask its pungent aroma. Planting chamomile alongside garlic can also provide a natural pest control solution and create a visually appealing garden space.

#12 Cabbage

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Garlic helps to repel certain pests, and its strong aroma helps to keep pests away from other nearby plants. Cabbage also helps to improve the soil’s texture and aeration, while garlic helps to improve soil drainage. Together, they create a mutually beneficial combination that can help to keep the garden healthy and productive.

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