12 Beautiful Trailing Plants That Display Red Blooms

To create a unique and personalized display that will make your home feel more vibrant and alive, consider growing the list of red blooms below. These plants can add a pop of color to your living space, and their trailing habit makes them perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes, or cascading down a shelf or wall. Whether you choose a bright and bold plant like the Bougainvillea, a romantic plant like Red Climbing Roses, or a more delicate and elegant option like the Dwarf Red Jade Vine, you can rest assured that your space will be more beautiful and visually appealing with the addition of these gorgeous plants.
12 Beautiful Trailing Plants That Display Red Blooms
These trailing plants with red blooms are not only beautiful, but they also add a splash of color and dimension to your space. In addition to their striking appearance, trailing plants with red blooms are also relatively easy to care for, making them a popular choice for those who want to add some greenery to their space without the added maintenance. They are also ideal for those with limited space, as they can be grown in hanging baskets, wall planters, or other vertical gardens.

#1 Red Bougainvillea

Source: lawnsandlandscapes

Red Bougainvillea is a common flowering shrub. To enjoy stunning the best color and for happy growth, plant it in spots where it gets full sun.

#2 Red Climbing Roses

Source: knechts

Red Climbing Roses display red flowers that look great against a contrasting dark green backdrop of shiny leaves. The flowers also spread a subtle and romantic scent

#3 Dwarf Red Jade Vine

Source: gardensbythebay

Native to Brazil, this plant is a unique, red-flowering vine. It can survive in hot climates but grow best in light frost and cooler temperatures.

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#4 Scarlet Clematis Vine

Source: picturethisai

Scarlet Clematis Vine is a perennial that forms clusters of dense red-maroon flowers.

#5 Red Mandevilla Vine

Source: costafarms

Red Mandevilla Vine is a gorgeous plant and is also known as the Red Riding Hood flower. It blooms throughout the year with bright red blooms and dreamy, heavenly fragrance.

#6 Flaming Glorybower

Source: twitter

The beauty of this vine is the perfect combination of deep red flowers and equally dark green foliage. It likes growing in plenty of sunlight!

#7 Rangoon Creeper

Source: fineartamerica

To enhance your landscaping, this plant can be your ideal choice due to the red flowers.

#8 Red lochroma

Source: friscovista

Red lochroma bears bright red, tubular flowers that can attract pollinators from miles around coming to visit your garden and yard.

#9 Red Morning Glory

Source: theoriginalgarden

Red Morning Glory produces trumpet-like, orange-red flowers. Birds, insects, and butterflies love eating their nectar.

#10 Coral Honeysuckle Vine

Source: fnps

Coral Honeysuckle Vine is a climbing plant that can also be a good ground cover. It offers glossy green leaves with red, tubular blooms and berries feeding hummingbirds.

#11 Red Cardinal Climber Vine

Source: centerofthewebb

This plant is a cross between the Cypress Vine and the Scarlet Morning Glory. It can withstand some shade but grow happily in full sunlight.

#12 Crossvine

Source: gardenerspath

Crossvine is a part of the Crossvine from the Bignoniaceae family. It is a highly ornamental vine that can grow up to 40-50 feet when mature. It bears bright red flowers

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