12 Beautiful Flowering Plants To Grow In A Bog Garden

When it comes to planting, most plants prefer growing in moisture, rich and well-draining soil. However, not any space of garden has an ideal location for all plants. If your garden is soggy soil that fails to release excess moisture. On the gleaming side, there are a few flowering plants that grow and thrive in wet areas. Some prefer to grow in standing water while others will do well in soil that drains excess moisture in due time. If you have a wet area in your landscape, you may consider planting the 12 Beautiful Flowering Plants today.
12 Beautiful Flowering Plants To Grow In A Bog Garden
They can tolerate both in a partially shaded spot and full sun. When getting full sun and sufficient light help, some of these flowering plants grow optimally. These flowering plants produce very eccentric blooms that attract some birds, bees, and even butterflies which, in turn, help with pollination. So, growing these flowering plants not only give make your garden have great landscaping but also improve your condition soil. Read on to know more about them as well as explore their beauty.

#1 Ligularia

Source: Waltersgardens

Most Ligularia types have glossy, deep green foliage with purple color on the underside and orange-yellow flowers. When mature, the flowers turn yellow in the late summer. It grows well in shady spots with moist, well-draining soil that’s rich in organic matter.

#2 Monarda

Source: Thespruce

Monarda blooms in the late summer. It has bright flowers which provide enough nectar and pollen to insects, so it attracts birds and hummingbirds. Their seeds are also a significant source of food for birds, especially in the summer. When the leaves of the monarda are crushed, they act as an effective mosquito repellent. It prefers moist, rich, well-draining soil with neutral acidity.

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#3 Siberian Iris

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Siberian Iris prefers rich, fertile soils with good drainage. It requires minimal effort. It grows well in both full sun and partial shading.

#4 Goat’s Beard

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Goat’s Beard has tall, creamy white flowers and blooms in the early summer in wet soils and shady spots. It favors full sun, well-draining, and moisture soil.

#5 Swamp Sunflower

Source: Gardenia

Swamp Sunflower displays green leaves with bright yellow petals in the late summer. This plant is a fast grower and tolerates the full sun with some partial shade. It attracts a lot of butterflies, bees, and birds with its bright yellow petals.

#6 Cardinal Flower

Source: Whiteflowerfarm

Cardinal Flower has red flowers and dark green foliage. Its flowers have sweet nectar to attract hummingbirds. It grows in moist, fertile soil that has lots of organic matter.

#7 Swamp Rose Mallow

Source: Thenaturalweb

Swamp Rose Mallow belongs to the hibiscus family and is a low-maintenance type. It features big, wide flowers that range in shades of pink, peach, white, red, and lavender. It prefers moisture soil for its best growth.

#8 Astilbe

Source: Gardenersworld

Astilbe favors growing in wet and shady areas. It grows well in moist and well-draining soils. They grow slowly in these soil structures that have medium pH levels. During the blooming phase, it adds color to your landscape and stays intact all year round.

#9 Turtlehead

Source: Gardenia

This plant has flowers that resemble the head of a turtle, hence the name. It’s a hardy plant that requires minimal maintenance. It does well in moist and well-draining soil. Give them in full sun to partial shading to provide a perfect bloom environment.

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#10 Mimulus

Source: Gardenia

Mimulus prefers to grow in warmer regions with moist, well-draining soil. The color of the blooms will range from red to yellow, white, orange, and lilac. The bright flowers on this outdoor perennial love shady spots but dread direct contact with moisture.

#11 Primrose

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Primrose has green foliage with flowers in a variety of colors. When grown in suitable conditions, its flowers multiply each year. It grows in rich, moist, well-draining soils preferably added with some mulch.

#12 Lady’s Tresses

Source: Firstnature

Lady’s Tresses bears have small, white flowers extending from their green foliage. It is easy to grow and maintain. It prefers to grow in moist, acidic soil with partial shade.

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