11 Prettiest Indoor Vining Plants

If you are finding the perfect plant for your home, go for a vining plant as you can never go wrong with this plant type. Here are 11 Prettiest Indoor Vining Plants that will bring green and fresh space into your home as well as are great complementation to decor any of your interiors. These vining plants come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, from the easy-going pothos to the finicky string of pearls, all promise to suit every type of space.
11 Prettiest Indoor Vining Plants
They can be used in hanging baskets, trained to climb, or just put in a pot on a high shelf, it depends on your choice. Also, they are easy to grow and take care of. To enjoy their natural beauty, all you need to do is give them a basic growth condition of the soil, water, sun, and other essential nutrients. It’s time to grab a pretty pot and some soil, and grow some now!

#1 Pothos

Source: Bybrittanygoldwyn

Pothos is one of the easiest to grow houseplants, but it also works well outdoor. Besides, it can purify the air inside your home, absorbing and removing certain chemicals and toxins.

#2 String of Pearls

Source: Mygarden

The String of Pearls is a great vining plant that can tolerate drought well. For optimum growth, give it a sunny light position, and should only be watered once every couple of weeks.

#3 String of Hearts

Source: Atreegarden

The adorable plant is semi-succulent. It displays delicate vines and small, heart-shaped leaves looking great in hanging baskets with its long, fast-growing vines. It is easy to grow and favors places that get bright, indirect light all day.

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#4 String of Dolphins

Source: Thespruce

This plant has leaves that resemble a pod of jumping dolphins, hence the name. It requires lots of bright, direct sunlight in order to survive indoors.

#5 String of Bananas

Source: Plantssparkjoy

The String of Bananas is known for being faster growing and easy to care for. For happy growth, give it at least 4 to 5 hours of bright, direct sunlight per day, it also prefers the soil to dry out thoroughly between waterings.

#6 String of Turtles

Source: Worldofsucculents

The string of turtles features round, small, succulent-like leaves that are adorned with intricate patterns that resemble tiny turtle shells. It does well in a range of lighting conditions and is generally low-maintenance.

#7 Hoya Carnosa

Source: Gardeningknowhow

 Hoya has beautiful waxy foliage and fragrant flowers, the indoor plant looks stunning when grown indoors. It doesn’t need to be water much and regularly.

#8 Spiderwort

Source: Thespruce

Spiderwort has beautiful trailing stems with attractive purple foliage. It grows well for a pot or hanging basket.

#9 English Ivy

Source: Depositphotos

English Ivy can quickly adapt to many light conditions. It has evergreen foliage in all seasons, even the cold winter day.

#10 Heartleaf Philodendron

Source: Growjoy

Heartleaf Philodendron is extremely easy to grow and needs a moderate amount of light to thrive.

#11 Mini Monstera

Source: Theplantpoint

Mini Monstera is a stunning little plant, it has a climbing growth habit and will grow upwards over time, so give it a stake or trellis once they get up to a couple of feet in height.

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