11 Popular Types of Funeral Flowers

Flowers are great natural gifts for anyone. You can enjoy the beautiful flowers to help you relax and feel perfect life. However, flowers also are a traditional way to express your condolences to someone experiencing a loss. But do you know what kind of flowers or floral arrangement is the best choice for a funeral? The list today will help you choose the right flowers to use.
11 Popular Types of Funeral Flowers
Although sending flowers to a funeral is a good way to express your condolences, knowing what flowers are appropriate to send for funerals and in times of sympathy is important. There are a number of flowers you can choose from, and they all have different meanings. This list is some of the most popular funeral flowers and their meanings. Keep reading to learn more about sympathy flowers’ meanings.

#1 Rose

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To show your love and grief, opt for a classic deep red rose. If you want to thank the departed, go for the dark pink variety. Other flowers also go well with roses.

#2 Chrysanthemum

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Chrysanthemum symbolizes death and grief in some Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea.

#3 Lilies

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Lilies are considered peaceful flowers and believed to make the soul rest in peace and return to innocence.

#4 Peace Lily

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Peace Lily symbolizes innocence and is an apt choice for funerals. It is a great way to express grief towards the soul’s journey.

#5 Carnation

Source: Britannica

The various colors of carnations imply different feelings such as white for innocence, pink for a recall, and red for love and admiration. In most funerals, it is a part of wreaths and standing sprays.

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#6 Orchid

Source: Stibbards

Orchids represent your unconditional love for the person who left this world.

#7 Cyclamen

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Cyclamen symbolism with all good things come to an end that makes it an ideal choice to give at a funeral as it also represents a departure.

#8 Hydrangea

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Many believe that it resonates with true heartfelt emotions, making Hydrangea one of the best types of funeral flowers. As the blue color symbolizes peace and calmness, it should be your pick for the funeral.

#9 Hyacinth

Source: Thespruce

Hyacinth signifies deep anguish and inclusion in prayers.

#10 Daffodil

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Daffodil represents a new beginning. They are believed to bring strength, hope, and encouragement to the person who has lost someone.

#11 Sword Lily

Source: Dengarden

Sword Lily has beautiful flowers and leaves growing in a sword-like shape. For the funeral, you should choose white, pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, salmon, and green colors.

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