11 Most Unusual Houseplants

Snake plants, pothos, jade plants, aloe vera, and more, are common houseplants that many people love growing. However, there are some unusual plants that cannot be found everywhere, they have unique, strange, and beautiful appearances that easily attract all eyes. If you are a plant collection, check the 11 Most Unusual Houseplants to add them in your next addition.
11 Most Unusual Houseplants
Have you ever seen corkscrew grass, dolphin succulents, rose succulents, trachyandra, and others? They are given an amazing beauty by Nature and can become great houseplants. No matter what you’re seeking a striking succulent or something bigger, bolder, and full of color, these plants today will make an indoor garden as you desire. Some of these are even low-maintenance plants that you keep in your office, desk, or tabletop. Read on to know more about them.

#1 Corkscrew Grass

Source: Fastgrowingtrees

Corkscrew Grass has a unique appearance that looks like curled-up ribbons. It prefers nutrient-rich and moist soil with partial or full sunlight exposure.

#2 Euphorbia Tirucalli

Source: Yourlocalbranch

Euphorbia Tirucalli is an attractive indoor ornamental tree with succulent foliage that’s native to semi-arid tropical climates. It can grow 30 feet tall in the wild, but the indoor plant rarely exceeds 5-6 feet. Ingestion causes burning and irritation of the mouth and stomach, accompanied by pain and perhaps diarrhea, so keep your kids and pets stay away from this plant.

#3 Crassula Umbella

Source: Bloggerstalent

Crassula Umbella needs a moderate amount of water supply so you should not over-water this plant.

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#4 Platycerium

Source: Thespruce

Platycerium comes from the 18 fern species of the Polypod family. It doesn’t need much water, just once a week; in cooler climates, watering needs to be done only once every two weeks.

#5 Haworthia Cooperi

Source: Davesairplantcorner

Haworthia Cooperi has pretty similar bubbles that make it look interesting to place indoors. These small rosette clustered plants are built from fleshy green leaves

#6 Rose Succulents

Source: Housebeautiful

This plant is a great Valentine’s Day gift that you can present to your lover. They are easy to grow with a little water when the soil dries.

#7 Sedum Morganianum

Source: Plantslive

Sedum Morganianum displays stems that can grow up to 24 inches long and produces blue-green leaves.

#8 Trachyandra

Source: Unusualseeds

Trachyandra exists in real life and is native to eastern and southern Africa.

#9 Gentiana Urnula

Source: Tumblr

Gentiana Urnula produces layered plated leaves. It is easy to grow with minimal care.

#10 Euphorbia Obesa

Source: Zzseeds

The appearance of this Euphorbia Obesa looks like a ball, hence the name. It can grow from 6to 15 centimeters wide and holds water in a reservoir for drought protection.

#11 Dolphin Succulents

Source: Thespruce

Dolphin Succulents have tiny leaves that look exactly like swimming dolphins that make it look great to place on a tabletop.

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