11 Low-maintenance Ornamental Grass Types To Grow To Your Garden

When it comes to decorative outdoors, most people will think of beautiful plants like climbers or shrubs. However, there is another choice to make a stunning look for your landscaping. That is ornamental grasses. They give you elegant ornamental grasses. They’re amazing accent plants that sway in the breeze and add interest for any season of the year. In recent years, these decorative plants are used a lot by gardeners.
11 Low-maintenance Ornamental Grasses To Grow To Your Garden
If you are wondering what to choose for garden grass to decorate in the garden, let’s refer to the 11 Low-maintenance Ornamental Grass Types To Grow To Your Garden. Not only gives add a visual charm at any place in your garden, but these ornamental grasses are also easy to grow with basic care. Plus, they can grow well outdoor in raised planting beds, or an entire yard, even some also can grow indoors in containers or pots.

#1 Fountain Grass

Source: Fairviewgardencenter

Fountain Grass grows up to 3 to 4 feet tall so you can grow it for creating privacy or in mixed borders. In fall, it emerges beautiful focal point with its brushy flowers.

#2 Pink Muhly Grass

Source: Springhillnursery

Pink Muhly Grass reaches about 3 to 4 feet tall making it become an ideal option to grow in borders. It shows off beautiful pinkish-red plumes to bring the garden an ethereal look.

#3 Fiber Optic Grass

Source: Artisanaquatics

Fiber Optic Grass grows about a foot tall and produces tiny, fluffy flowers on the tips of stems that look like a fiber optic light.

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#4 Maiden Grass

Source: Gurneys

Maiden Grass has a lovely texture with silvery plumes that appears in the fall and winter.

#5 Sedge

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Sedge displays arching leaves that are available in pretty gold, green, or variegated types. It grows clump-forming when planted in groups.

#6 Feather Reed Grass

Source: Theimpatientgardener

Feather Reed Grass produces feathery spikes that last into winter making it quite eye-catching.

#7 Japanese Forest Grass

Source: Gardendesign

Japanese Forest Grass is an attractive grass that typically reaches about 18 inches max. Its leaves may be solid green or variegated with gold.

#8 Switch Grass

Source: Knippelgardencentre

Switch Grass grows about 3 feet tall and has arching leaves that turn red in late summer to fall making it becomes an attractive addition to garden beds.

#9 Blue Fescue

Source: Gardendrama

Blue Fescue is steel-blue grass that tops out around a foot tall and looks great planted in groups of three to five plants.

#10 Mondo Grass

Source: Twogreenthumbs

Mondo Grass is a low-growing clumping grass that comes in shades ranging from pale green to dark burgundy. It makes a spectacular groundcover when planted in masses.

#11 Purple Millet

Source: Centerofthewebb

Purple Millet puts off pretty flowers that turn into attractive seed heads by fall.

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