11 Best Beautiful Trees That Produce Blue Flowers

Looking to add a splash of color to your garden or landscape? Consider planting one or more of these trees with blue flowers! These stunning trees can add a touch of charm, elegance, or drama to any outdoor space. From the exotic Chaste Tree to the delicate Blue Chinese Wisteria, there are a variety of trees to choose from that produce beautiful blue blooms. Each of these trees has its unique beauty and charm and can be used to create a stunning and unforgettable garden or landscape design.
11 Best Beautiful Trees That Produce Blue Flowers
Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your garden, create a tropical paradise, or simply make a statement with your landscaping, a tree with blue flowers is a great choice. With so many beautiful trees to choose from, there’s sure to be a variety that’s perfect for your outdoor space. Spend your time exploring explore how you can use them for your next garden or landscape designs!

#1 Blue Chinese Wisteria

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The Blue Chinese Wisteria is a diminutive tree that bears abundant bunches of aromatic flowers in shades of lilac and blue, which dangle from the branches in lengthy, drooping clusters.

#2 Chaste Tree

Source: gardeningknowhow

In the late summer, the Chaste Tree bears spikes of blue-violet blooms, and owing to its effectiveness in regulating hormone levels, it has a rich tradition of utilization in herbal medicine.

#3 Victoria California Lilac

Source: xeraplants

The Victoria California Lilac, an evergreen shrub, emits clusters of aromatic blue flowers that are plentiful, tiny, and blanket the shrub in a profusion of blue-violet blossoms in the springtime.

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#4 Green Ebony Tree

Source: canbotanikhouse

Renowned as the Jacaranda tree, the Green Ebony is one of the finest varieties of trees that bear blue flowers, as it produces ample, funnel-shaped blooms in shades ranging from soft mauve to deep blue-violet during the late spring and early summer.

#5 Blue Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Source: theoriginalgarden

Originating from Madagascar, the ‘Blue Hong Kong’ Orchid is prized for its sizeable, aromatic, and spectacular blue-purple blooms that blossom in clusters during the early spring to the early summer period.

#6 Texas Mountain Laurel

Source: wateruseitwisely

The Texas Mountain Laurel is renowned as one of the finest trees that bear blue flowers, blooming in the spring with large, highly fragrant clusters of grape-like flowers. Also, it has dark green, leathery leaves arranged in pairs along the stems.

#7 Blue Satin Rose Of Sharon

Source: themarthablog

Throughout the summer, the Blue Satin Rose Of Sharon exhibits splendid blooms with a red center and a rich, deep blue-violet hue.

#8 Desert Ironwood

Source: wateruseitwisely

Indigenous to the Caribbean and Central America, Ironwood is a compact, evergreen tree that bears petite blue-violet flowers and attains a height of 20-30 feet upon maturation, with a dense and compact growth pattern.

#9 True Blue Butterfly Bush

Source: mybageecha

In the middle of summer, the True Blue Butterfly Bush, a deciduous shrub, blooms with spikes of vibrant blue blossoms, and it is highly regarded for its capacity to entice pollinators.

#10 Fragrant Lilac

Source: bhg

Aromatic Lilac, either as a deciduous shrub or a diminutive tree, emits intensely fragrant bunches of tubular flowers in hues of blue, purple, pink, and white.

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#11 Empress Tree

Source: gobotany

Originating in China, the Empress Tree is a swiftly growing deciduous tree that in the springtime produces aromatic clusters of tubular-shaped flowers that vary in shade from lavender to deep purple-blue.

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