10 Unbelievable Toothbrush Uses That You Can Apply In The Garden

Most people think that a small little brush is only good for cleaning the teeth. Think again after reading our post today. If you have an old toothbrush, don’t toss it, save it as there are some useful benefits that are waiting for you. And here, we are so glad to share the 10 Unbelievable Toothbrush Uses That You Can Apply In The Garden that you surely will be amazed.
10 Unbelievable Toothbrush Uses That You Can Apply In The Garden
Clean plant leaves and undersides, plant marker, help in pollinating tomatoes and peppers, and more. These are great ideas to reuse old toothbrushes instead of discarding them like trashes. Some are fun and creative DIYs, others are gardening uses that you can make with just a little effort. You can easy to apply to help maintain your plants as well as your gardening works. Spending your time learning what ways to use them right.

#1 Clean Plant Leaves and Undersides

Source: Better

If you want to clean the undersides of the leaves, buds, petioles, and stems of your houseplants affected by the infestation of sticky pests like mealybugs and aphids, a soft-bristled toothbrush could be a perfect solution!

#2 Plant Marker

Source: Brushwithbamboo

To make a garden marker under your own unique style, you can stick an old toothbrush in the garden or pots with a sticky note attached to it or write text on the handle using a permanent marker.

#3 Make Holes For Seeds

Source: Therustedgarden

Sowing your seeds without dirty your hand, an old toothbrush will be a great supporter. Simply, just poke the end side of a toothbrush in the soil to make holes. So easy!

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#4 Clean Dirt Off Veggies and Fruits

Source: Pediatricdentalcare

You can use a toothbrush to make your fruits and vegetables clean and then wash them with water.

#5 Clean Containers and Gardening Tools

Source: Beeandbasil

To clean gardening tools, you can use a toothbrush and a soap solution to remove all the dirt and grease, especially in small pots.

#6 Make Glass Bottles and Vases Cleaner

Source: Thespruce

When using a toothbrush along with a soap solution, you will make it easy to reach narrow necks and end of glass bottles and vases to clean them perfectly.

#7 Help in Pollinating Tomatoes and Peppers

Source: Gardenerspath

If pollinators aren’t visiting your garden, you can use an old electric toothbrush attachment to help pollinate your vegetables. Simply, you just place it behind a cluster of flowers and turn it on for just 3 seconds, the vibrator motor will aid in shaking off the pollen loose, making it fall on the pistil and then ultimately fertilizes the flower.

#8 Apply Neem Oil

Source: Wudbox

If your plants are affected by fungal diseases, you can use an old toothbrush to accurately apply mild insecticidal soap solution or neem oil.

#9 Brush Corns

Source: Businessinsider

You can use an old toothbrush to clean off bits and pieces that get clung to the fresh corn, especially after husking.

#10 Clean Your Nails

Source: Birchbox

After working in the garden, your nails could become dirty by soil. For this, you can use your old toothbrush to scrub your nails and make them clean.

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