10 Stunning Flowering Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden

When it comes to the garden, most of you will compartmentalize your plants right? Flowers go here, vegetables go here and herbs go here. And you know that flowers make things pretty, while vegetables and herbs serve organic and fresh source food. However, do you know that there are a number of flowering vegetables that are both beautiful and tasty? And in the post today we are so glad to introduce the 10 Stunning Flowering Vegetables that are the ultimate 2-for-1 in the gardening world to present gardeners.
10 Stunning Flowering Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden
Peas, squash, sunflower, lavender, and more, all are popular veggies you may not be familiar with. If you look around your garden, you may already have several flowering vegetables. What’s more, growing these come with a humongous bonus such as their flowers attracting pollinators. That is the reason why planting them in your garden will not only give you a beautiful and tasty garden, they will also help bring in the bees and butterflies, and ladybugs that the rest of your garden needs.

#1 Peas

Source: Dailymail

Peas not only produces green peas and its flowers that are edible. However, keep in mind that while edible garden peas are fine the flowers of ornamental sweet peas are poisonous.

#2 Squash

Source: 10best

Squash shows off stunning yellow flowers that open up during the day and close as the evening sets. In addition, squash blossoms are quite tasty.

#3 Dandelion

Source: Medicalnewstoday

Dandelion is an edible weed. You can eat both its green and yellow flowers. The greens are on the bitter side while the flowers themselves are slightly sweet.

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#4 Sunflower

Source: Almanac

Not only the seeds but sunflower can also be eaten in many parts such as young sunflower sprouts are great in a salad, the leaves the same as you would most bitter greens. Or, the buds are great steamed and served with a little butter.

#5 Lavender

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Lavender is a familiar perennial herb. Both lavender flowers and leaves are a great addition to the culinary.

#6 Chives

Source: Gardenersworld

The chive blooms have a soft pink color and look like a little globe. You can grow this herb in the garden to attract pollinators and may repel some garden pests. Its flowers bring a delicate, aromatic presence to salads

#7 Dill

Source: Dailypress

Dill is another herb that offers beautiful flowers with tiny yellow and white flowers.

#8 Scarlet Emperor Runner Beans

Source: Hudsonvalleyseed

Scarlet Emperor Runner Beans produce edible flowers and an ample amount of beans. These bean plants are easy to grow, and anyone can grow them.

#9 Okra

Source: Almanac

Okra is quite a colorful plant. Some varieties produce flowers that are bluish-white and look like they could glow in the dark.

#10 Radishes

Source: Smmtc

Do you know that radish flowers are a great addition to salad, its flowers are often shades of white or purple, and have a mildly peppery taste, similar to the root.

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