10 Popular Aquatic Plants For Ponds and Water Features

You are looking for beautiful plants for your water feature or backyard pond, you’ve come to the right place. From submerged to floating to border pond plants, there are some of 10 Popular Aquatic Plants for Ponds and Water Features that you can choose from. Surely, they will become a great addition to the living space around your home as well as create a thriving ecosystem in your water garden.
10 Popular Aquatic Plants For Ponds and Water Features
Water plants are gorgeous, interesting, and pretty easy to look after. They can make a pond or water feature all the more interesting and keep ponds healthy by managing the ecosystem, oxygenating. In addition to adding beauty, water plants are also great for mini ponds or water pots filled with fish and other underwater aquarium greens by filtering out waste from fishes, replicate natural habitats, and help aerate the aquarium. It’s time to fill your pond or other water feature with one or more of these aquatic plants to create your own thriving mini garden pond.

#1 Water Lettuce

Source: Moorewatergardens

Water Lettuce can easily spread to cover, this plant grows best in USDA zone 10, in water that’s slightly acidic and hard.

#2 Japanese Sweet Flag Grass

Source: Pondtrademag

Japanese Sweet Flag Grass grows 3 inches to 3 feet tall. It grows best in USDA zones 6-9 and does well in full sun or part shade.

#3 Mosaic Plant

Source: Gardenmanage

Mosaic Plant has oddly shaped leaves, which look like mosaic tiles. It grows well in full sun, some shade, and needs water that has a pH range of about 5 to 7.5.

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#4 Water Lily

Source: Hgvt

Water Lilies are easy to grow and put on sweet, beautiful blooms. They need six hours of sunlight to truly thrive.

#5 Pickerel Rush

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Pickerel Rush is considered a weed. It features purple, pink, or white flowers that sit atop tall, sturdy yet slim stems, adding height and character to the edge of ponds.

#6 Bladderwort

Source: Homestratosphere

Bladderwort produces pretty yellow orchid-like flowers, sticking up past the water.

#7 Blue Iris

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Blue Iris bloom as soon as spring hits, creating stunning large flowers with light blue to purple. They grow well in full sun and some shade.

#8 Pitcher Plant

Source: Bergenwatergardens

Pitcher Plant has shaped tube-like leaves that trap various types of prey. This plant prefers full sun and moist soil.

#9 Creeping Jenny

Source: Ekoios

Creeping Jenny creates a striking image with its bright green foliages that grow quickly and can spread about 18 inches. This plant does best in shallow water and can reach 4 to 6 inches.

#10 Cardinal Flower

Source: Reddit

Cardinal Flower is an easy-to-care perennial plant that grows in almost any condition.

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