10 Outstanding health apps on smartphones

The mobile phone has become so popular and familiar, make the most of the convenience by using the following health applications to easily turn it into your “electronic doctor”.

1. Heart Rate Monitor 

This is a useful application for people with cardiovascular disease or simply want to track their heart rate. Heart Rate Monitor after being installed will help turn your phone into a heart rate monitor with the same interface as a real-life device.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor – useful application for people with cardiovascular disease

The app lets you know if your heart is healthy through the use of the camera lens and Flash, takes only about 15 seconds to calculate with up to 90% accuracy, supports resting heart rate and comparison with standard figures.

The app runs on Android and iOS

2. Clue – Period Tracker 

Sometimes “golden fish brain” makes it extremely difficult for women to remember their menstrual cycle exactly. Fortunately, Clue – Period Tracker – is an extremely useful health application that tracks the menstrual cycle and reproductive health in the fastest and most effective way. Cycle tracking for planning outings, picnics, or contraception is now more effective than ever.

Clue - Period Tracker

Period Tracker helps to track the menstrual cycle quickly and effectively

Advantages of Clue – Period Tracker, in addition to memorizing and showing the time 

and day of the light, reflect health conditions (related to endocrine, psychological …). This application is like a useful diary that women cannot ignore.

The app runs on Android and iOS

3. Sleep Better

Sleep is extremely important to everyone. Good and deep sleep will help you regain energy, regenerate brain cells to help your mind feel refreshed and more refined. Sleep Better helps you with that. This is an app that helps track your sleep, dreams, improve your nightly bed habits and wake up the next morning.

Sleep Better

The app helps to track your sleep, dreams, improve your nightly bed habits and wake up the next morning

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Sleep Better offers you a simple and effective way to improve your sleep quality whether you’re suffering from insomnia, or simply want to learn more about sleep performance.

The app runs on Android and iOS

4. MyFitnessPal

For people with a weight crisis this is probably the perfect application.

MyFitnessPal is a fast and simple to use calorie management app. With the largest food database available today – more than 2,000,000 dishes and growing every day, the app allows you to keep track of key nutrients: calories, fat, protein, sugar, fiber, cholesterol … from there there is a choice for me


MyFitnessPal offers users an effective exercise and weight loss program

The app runs on Android and iOS

5. Runkeeper

Runkeeper application is one of the applications that anyone who loves running cannot ignore. In addition to its simple interface, easy-to-use features, and no ads, Runkeeper has the biggest plus point in free training lessons.


RunKeeper – a free application that helps you keep track of your sports workouts

You can set goals for each run, faster or longer, and when you’re done, you can review your progress. In addition, you can share your running results on social networks to get interaction and encouragement from your friends.

The app runs on Android and iOS

6. Google Fit

Google Fit is an outstanding application with many advantages, the most prominent is the feature of automatically tracking walking, cycling, running activities, and users can add other activities to track when necessary.

Google Fit

The new Google Fit helps you live a healthier and more active life

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The Google Fit application in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA), you can feel secure to follow and plan for yourself thanks to the this intelligence.

The app runs on Android and iOS

7. Apple Health

If the above application is only for Android, fans of the “apple” should not be disappointed by the iPhone’s health application – Apple Health is not inferior. This is a comprehensive workout-tracking app, minimizing lookups, depending on many different applications.

Apple Health

Apple Health is capable of gathering lots of information, is compatible with multiple sources, and can also work extremely effectively with Apple Watch

The application has the ability to aggregate information from all different applications in the iPhone as well as training devices, thereby letting you know your movement information for that day. Not only that, movement, sleep, weight, excess fat percentage, blood pressure, nutrition, body temperature …

The app runs on iOS

8. Strava

It is impossible not to mention the Strava app if you are a fan of running or cycling, this is one of the most popular apps for athletes who love the sport. Strava smart application helps users to fully track the speed, distance and routes passed.


Strava helps record the achievements of running sessions, cycling to motivate the user to move

In addition, Straca also offers a variety of social features so you can compare your results with friends, relatives or colleagues, thereby motivating your campaign.

The app runs on Android and iOS

9. Jio Health

Jio Health is the application of new technology in-home healthcare. Besides hotel booking, passenger transportation, or booking via App, the Jio Health application brings convenience, flexibility, and efficiency, especially for the elderly and young children. You can take care of your health at home without worrying about overload or infectious germs when you go to the hospital.

Jio Health

Jio Health brings a modern polyclinic experience right to your home

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Through the Jio Health app, you can proactively select doctors, make home appointments, whereby doctors can also manage and share medical records, track and answer questions. for the patient during treatment.

The app runs on Android and iOS

10. Aaptiv


Aaptiv offers 30 new classes per week and over 2,500 overall classes. Their aim is to give the user the same experience of a fitness class from the comfort of the home, outdoors or at the gym. Subjects include stretching, running, strength training and yoga.

App available on iOS and Android operating systems.

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