Top 10 most meaningful valentine gifts for couples

For those who are in love, it is impossible not to know February 14, a holiday dedicated to lovers, right? Have you chosen a meaningful valentine’s gift for your loved one yet?

A truly practical gift with a beautiful meaning will show your care for that person. If you have not thought of the one that is most suitable for you, Willtiptop also takes note of the 10 most meaningful valentine’s gifts that couples should choose in this article.

1.Chocolate sweet valentine gift

Chocolate sweet valentine gift

Talking about Valentine’s Day, everyone thinks of chocolate candies. Yes, this is a gift of love, so there is no reason why you should not choose a box of chocolates.

The boxes of sweet chocolate candies, adding a little bitterness like the taste of love are sure to be a meaningful valentine’s gift. Enjoying the sweet taste of candies together will be the most romantic moments when the two are giving each other sincere feelings.

Together with enjoying and feeling each taste of love, a little bitter for both to understand that there are times in love that are unavoidable jealousy. Only the game sees the sharing, and the sincerity will turn to love wherever bitterness is.

2. Rose – Warm valentine season gift


A brilliant flower as a meaningful valentine gift will always touch the girls. No one can refuse a fresh flower for his lover.

Red roses have always been likened to the passion of love if the roses are like girls, beautiful and gentle, but they still firmly protect themselves with thorns.

There are roses in a variety of colors you can choose from the color of flowers that she likes that will definitely touch her.

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If you choose flowers, you should also note that the number of flowers will also have a special meaning. So you need to pay attention to this small but very important detail.

3. Fragrance 


If you don’t know what Valentine gives to your lover, why not try perfume? 

The scent of the perfume both makes the user pleasant and makes its own mark. 

This gift is not too expensive, if you have strong financial resources, buy bottles of 50 – 100ml, otherwise bottles of several ml.

Surely your lover will be deeply touched by this Valentine gift. 

4. Couple Mugs

couple cups

Couple cups are a popular gift that almost every couple has. So you can choose a briefcase specially designed as a meaningful valentine’s gift for your lover.

Whenever you use it, he will always miss you and be very happy.

Couple cups are always an interesting choice for boyfriend or girlfriend, on valentine’s day, why don’t you try it.

 5. Handmade Gift

handmade gift

If you are a skillful person with a bit of talent in designing and making handmade gifts, this Valentine’s Day is your chance to show off. What could be more wonderful than receiving a wonderful gift for your loved one as a gift? Every little detail contains the love to her, surely this is the most meaningful Valentine gift that that person has.

Some suggestions for you for handmade gifts are: chocolate boxes with desk calendars, home decorations, …

Do not worry if the gift is beautiful or not because your sincerity is enough to make the most special and meaningful gift.

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6. Lipstick


Any girl can not resist the pretty lipstick. That’s why you can choose these lipsticks as meaningful valentine’s gifts to make them fall in love.

Lipstick is a gift you can give on any occasion, even without any occasion still pleasing girls because with them there are dozens of lipsticks, it is still warmly welcomed.

A suitable lipstick will make the girls more confident and attractive. So when choosing a lipstick, you need to pay attention to some characteristics such as her color, her brand, her preferences, …

7. Cream cake

cream cake

Like the flowers, the cream cake is also a gift that can be used on any special occasion, which is very suitable. The appearance of the cakes seemed to carry a sense of celebration. If you have never been here, choose a cream cake as a meaningful valentine’s gift and you will have beautiful memories together.

To make the cake more special, you can lay pictures of both on the cake or choose ingredients such as chocolate or pictures of flowers, …

8. Romantic dinner

Romantic dinner 1 - Willtiptop

A dinner of favorites with flowers and background is sure to be a meaningful, warm valentine gift that any girl desires.

You can prepare a party yourself or choose a restaurant with a beautiful view with delicious food that will definitely score you.

9. Surprising things

Do a few surprises that will make your other half burst with happiness. If she still wants a puppy, secretly give it to her.

The surprises will be a special valentine gift to anyone who receives it.

10. A Travel

travel - Willtiptop

If the two of you have known each other for a long time and the dates just revolve around eating, coffee, watching movies, .. then very normal. On this Valentine’s Day, a plan to travel together somewhere will definitely be a meaningful valentine’s gift you need to add to your own list.

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A trip away helps you to have more memories together. If you have enough economic time to go overseas, then going to famous spots or a place in the suburbs is also ideal.

On Valentine’s Day, prepare meaningful valentine’s gifts to help you express your love for that person. Hopefully, this article has given you interesting choices to cultivate feelings in you and your loved one.


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