10 Herbs to Grow Near Tomato Plants

Growing companion gardening plants is a great method to produce a good yield. It helps gardeners harvest, repel pests, and provide support to their crops. Check out 10 Herbs to Grow Near Tomato Plants to create the perfect growing environment for a healthy harvest, and even help your tomatoes have tasted sweeter.
10 Herbs to Grow Near Tomato Plants
If you are a beginner, tomatoes are one of the crops you should start for your vegetable garden. They are easy to grow and take care of. But, to help you take advantage of the most of your space, these herbs are great companions for a healthy organic harvest without using chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides!

#1 Sage

Source: Gardenerspath

This herb is a great natural pest-repellent to control spider mites and flea beetles. Also, its mild smell attracts ladybugs and butterflies comes to pollinate tomato plants for a bountiful harvest.

#2 Mint

Source: Littleyellowwheelbarrow

Mild emits a strong fragrance that can get rid of pests such as spider mites and aphids.

#3 Chives

Source: Learningenglish

The overpowering scent of Chive makes aphids, mites, and beetles can not tolerate making the herb is good companion plant for your tomatoes.

#4 Nasturtium

Source: Onehundreddollarsamonth

This flowering plant is an excellent companion for tomato plants, it works as a pest repellant thanks to its peppery, bitter oils.

#5 Catnip

Source: Mayernikkitchen

To boost the tomato yield, growing catnips with tomato plants is one of the great methods, this herb is beneficial in attracting butterflies and bees. Apart from attracting beneficial pollinators, it also is good at deterring common pests like spider mites, beetles, and aphids.

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#6 Parsley

Source: Thekitchn

Parsley can attract beneficial garden insects like parasitic wasps and hoverflies that feed on tomato hornworms and aphids making it a beneficial companion plant to tomato plants.

#7 Dill

Source: Tomatobible

Dill attracts hoverflies and ladybugs that prey on tomatoes to help the growth and health of the plant, making it a great companion to tomatoes.

#8 Basil

Source: Foodgardening

Basil spreads a lush aroma that can deter garden pests such as hornworms, flies, aphids, and mites, and at the same time, also enriches the taste of the fruits.

#9 Thyme

Source: Growjourney

Thyme can get rid of the most vicious tomato pests which are hornworms and other harmful pests like maggots, whiteflies, and earworms.

#10 Borage

Source: Wineboxgardener

Borage produces charming purple flowers popping up against green leaves while repelling hornworms.

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