10 Herbs That Have Beautiful Purple Flowers

Herbs are a great addition to any garden, whether growing in pots, containers for large or small space, they also give their beauty and use for many different purposes. You can use them as kitchen recipes, herbal remedies, crafts, and any other purposes, the reason for gardening varies from one person to the other. Growing them will make you excited about gardening.

10 Herbs That Have Beautiful Purple Flowers

There are many colors herbs produce but in the article, we will share herbs with purple flowers. The simple reason, they not only give you many uses in the home but also are so beautiful to brighten up your living space. In addition, they are easy to grow and can adapt to any condition from outdoor or indoor. They just need to require basic care so if you aren’t good at gardening, you can grow them easily. Do you want to learn them? Keep reading!

#1 Lavender

Image Credits: The Seattle Times

This herb forms purple flowers during summer days.

#2 Catnip

Image Credits: The Spruce

Catnip has fragrance and produces dense whorls of purple flowers.

#3 Sage

Image Credits: Almanac

Sage is a perennial herb, it produces blue to purple blooms.

#4 Christmas Basil

Image Credits: Better Homes and Gardens

Christmas Basil forms purple-blue flowers. This herb can grow up to a height of 10-15 inches.

#5 Peppermint

Image Credits: Gardener’s Path

Peppermint produces tall shafts of purple flowers on its green foliages.

#6 Cinnamon Basil

Image Credits: SeedsNow

Cinnamon Basil produces a pretty shade of pink to purple flowers on its dark-green and shiny foliage.

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#7 Creeping Thyme

Image Credits: The Spruce

Creeping Thyme has both beautiful purple flowers and a pleasing fragrance.

#8 Chives

Image Credits: Nature and Garden

Chives are perennial herbs and form purple puffy flowers during the summer season.

#9 Anise Hyssop

Image Credits: Wildflower Farm

Anise Hyssop produces purple blooms and it grows well in full sunlight to partial shade.

#10 Rosemary

Image Credits: Third Life in Dulan

Rosemary produces purple blooms with a pleasing fragrance. Also, it comes in different colors like pink, white, and blue shades.

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