10 Gorgeous Ornamental Plants That Grow Well Both Indoors and Outdoors

Nature always has a way of charming us in a million ways, and the beauty of plants is one of which. Regardless of plant enthusiast lover or not, you cannot deny that plants invariably elevate the space to the next level. They add a beautiful pop of green in the drabbest corner of your living space and undoubtedly, lend an outdoorsy feel to the interior and exterior decor.
10 Gorgeous Ornamental Plants That Grow Well Both Indoors and Outdoors
If you are looking for plants to light up your living space or need to alter your spaces for the forthcoming season, there are some uniquely beautiful plants that are absolutely fitting to bring life and color to your home. And of course, they also give you the plethora of health benefits they will bring along! Below are 10 Gorgeous Ornamental Plants That Grow Well Both Indoors and Outdoors.

#1 Peace Lily

Source: Westcoastgardens

The peace lily can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions and needs only moderate watering. With graceful curving leaves and white flowers that rise up from the dark foliage, peace lily looks exotic and elegant.

#2 Water Bamboo

Source: Groundwatergovernance

Also called Lucky bamboo, they are easy-care houseplants. Just provide them with abundant water and they’ll grow well even in indirect light. Protect them from cold drafts and provide iron fertilizer occasionally.

#3 Silver Nerve Plant

Source: Greg

Nerve Plant looks truly spectacular by producing dark and pronounced red veins on light, dark green leaves. They can grow well even if don’t get much sunlight when grown in shade spots in your home.

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#4 Bunny Ear Cactus

Source: Freepik

Bunny Ears Cactus is a cute plant that can grow a few feet tall and up to 6 feet wide. You also grow it as a houseplant for many years in a small or medium pot. It prefers plenty of sunlight and low amounts of water.

#5 Fibre Optic Grass Plant

Source: Gardenexpress

Fiber Optic Grass grows well in planting zones 10 to 11 and prefers to grow in the tropics and colder climates. They grow about a foot tall and produce tiny, fluffy flowers on the tips of stems that look like a fiber optic light. When grown in containers, this grass hangs down gently in a curve and creates an unusual effect. Give it in full to partial sun, and moist soil.

#6 Bonsai

Source: A-z-animals

There are many Bonsai types, all are a miniaturized representation of nature and are grown on dwarfed potted trees. Growing these plants is considered an art, they have textured barks, thick trunks, and attractively intertwined live woods.

#7 Chinese Money Plant

Source: Greenroomsmarket

Chinese Money Plant is known for its coin-shaped, round green leaves. It’s a popular houseplant that is said to bring good luck to homeowners.

#8 Snake Plant

Source: Growyouryard

Snake Plant belongs to the succulent family, which means it retains water in their leaves and could be straightforward to overwater. It looks great in a container alone or grouped together. They grow well in low to medium light and even in a dark corner. Give it water when the surface of the soil appears dry.

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#9 Air Plant

Source: Airplantcentral

Air Plant grows well without needing soil in pots or containers as it survives by gathering water and nutrients through specialized leaf structures. This houseplant can grow on just about any surface as long as they get enough sunlight. Give it water by misting, rinsing, or soaking them and then allowing them to dry thoroughly.

#10 String Of Pearls

Source: Oxleynursery

The String of Pearls roots very well, so it just needs regular soil with minimal watering in a drainage pot. It belongs to the succulent family, and the leaves are pearl-like balls that grow on a stem that can be up to 2 feet in length. It grows well in indirect sunlight and well-draining soil.

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