10 effective and simple home gyms exercises

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Most of us have some similar problems when we want to exercise at home. Like the lack of space or training equipment, we can even practice in the living room. Do not be discouraged, because we can absolutely exercise well even without the support of gym equipment like in the gym.

There are many ways to practice, this is also one of the great challenges for you to work out at home and save money. Take a look at the 10 home gyms below.

Benefits of home bodybuilding

Because of the time factor, it is difficult to go to the gym regularly. That way the practice won’t be effective. 

Doing gym exercises at home, you absolutely can exercise at any time, depending on the time you arrange the initiative. No more worrying about going to the gym early in the morning or late afternoon in a hurry for fear of them closing the door. 

You can even exercise with a loved one at home, which can both increase efficiency and be more motivated.

The cost of a gym at home is also lower, you can even invest in home fitness equipment that is not inferior to the gym.

1. Stair-climber


Stair-climber movements can be easily done with a chair.

  • Take a chair out and place a foot on the seat
  • Push the leg up, until both feet are on the chair. This is the same as if you were climbing step by step
  • Step down and repeat 

Perform 3 sets with 15 repetitions each. This will provide support for the feet to warm up for the next movement. With this exercise, your buttocks and thighs will become firmer.

If anyone can invest more can own a family exercise bike , compact but also cheap.

2. Strengthening triceps

Strengthening triceps

This can be done with a table.

For this exercise, you can use a stool, armchair, or a low table with just enough weight so that it doesn’t tip over during the exercise.

You should perform 3 sets of 15 seconds each.

  • Bend your back and face your back toward the table, placing your hands on the edge of the table
  • Stretch your legs out and use push-ups. Push all of your body up until your arms are straight.
  • Lower yourself until your hands are at a 90-degree angle, and repeat the eraser.

3. Squats


Squats with the support of the wall.

  • Rest your back against the wall, and stand with your knees at a 90-degree angle. Imagine as if you were sitting in a chair.
  • Hold for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, focusing the force on your feet.

This exercise will help the entire lower bodywork and be more resilient. You can choose according to the strength of the body that timed this short or long, then you can gradually increase the time to practice to challenge yourself.

4. Deep Squatting

Deep Squatting

This Squat is more advanced than the previous one, keep practicing and taking advantage of the wall.

We do the same as exercise 3, but in this exercise you apply more weight to the legs as shown.

You can use an extra tank or a water bottle or you can invest in a disc weight and stand balance. 

5. Curtsy sliders

Curtsy sliders
  • Stand behind a chair and put your hand on the seat backrest
  • Get up on tiptoe and move your right leg back over your left leg.
  • The distance you want to set feet, but cross-legged
  • Repeat this step with the left leg

This exercise will affect the entire body, including the ability to balance. Repeat this movement 20 times per set, one leg in each set. For your feet to move smoothly, you need to wear shorts and a yoga mat under your feet.

6. Push-ups


Do push-ups with your own bed.

  • Place your arms on the edge of the bed and stretch your legs back. At this point, you will feel like you are doing traditional push-ups.
  • Do 15 push-ups, and then repeat 2 sets of 15 reps each.

You might think this is a simple exercise, but it actually requires a lot of strength and it contributes to strengthening the arm. Try to practice this movement.

7. Abs


Abs exercises (abs exercises) you can also train with a chair.

  • You use a stool or a chair without armrests
  • Sit on the edge of the chair, not touching the backrest
  • Place your arms on the chair and pull your legs toward your chest, then stretch again
  • Repeat the same movement until all 3 sets are completed, 10 times each 

This exercise will focus mainly on the abdomen, but when done on a chair, you will stimulate the whole body, lose fat, increase muscle for the second round.

8. Weights


Fitness exercise with water bottle or bottle.

  • Prepare 2 bottles of water, each hand holding 1 bottle
  • Let your arms be as close as possible to the sides
  • While keeping your upper arm close to your body, lift your elbow until it touches your chest.
  • Return the arms to the original position and repeat.
  • Perform 3 sets, each set 20 repetitions.

You can use any bottle you have at home, be it water, soda, or even an empty bottle you’ve filled with sand or earth.

This exercise is intended to help tone the biceps, arms, and shoulders. You can also combine different arm exercises to work out the whole arm muscles, or even the leg muscles.

9. Work arms and back

Work arms and back

For this exercise we can use a towel.

  • Take the towel and grab its ends
  • Using shoulder tension behind your head, your arms should stretch and your back slightly arched
  • Raise your arms above your head until fully stretched
  • Return to the starting position and repeat
  • Do 20 reps for this exercise

Thanks to these movements and the tension of the handkerchief, your arm and back muscles are activated.

10. Dumbbell lunges

Dumbbell lunges
  • Stand in a flat position (a yoga mat can be used), take your right foot one step forward, and hold it in place.
  • Still in this position, lower your left leg down until your knees are parallel and almost touching the ground. You can imagine this movement similar to bending your legs.
  • Stop before hitting the ground and go back.
  • Repeat this movement using your left leg to step forward
  • Repeat 2 sets, 10 times each

You can hold a small bottle of water in each hand for more effective exercise. Adding more exercise weight will help strengthen the lower body and glutes.

With these suggestions, you will no longer worry about creating your own gym at home is complicated or difficult. Have you come up with any additional tools to aid your practice? Try to experience and share more for everyone to know.


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