10 Edible Plants To Grace Your Front Yard

Have you ever considered the idea of designing an edible landscape in the vicinity of your living space? There’s nothing quite as delightful as having convenient access to snacks anywhere in your yard, don’t you think? If you’re interested in increasing your vegetable yield while also enhancing the attractiveness of your landscaping, let’s explore our featured plants today. Presenting 10 splendid plants that will make your front yard an envy-inducing sight for your neighbors. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of these plants and discover the benefits they offer.

These plants not only boast an appealing appearance but also provide a delectable treat for those who appreciate the convenience of fresh food just steps away from their doorstep. Moreover, they contribute to the diversity and intrigue of your garden, fostering a harmonious environment for a range of organisms such as microbes, insects, amphibians, and birds, thereby reducing the need for pest control measures. It’s time to incorporate one or more of these plants into your residential landscape and reap the rewards that await you!

1. Hostas

Source: Balcony Garden Web

These perennial plants, belonging to the lily family, are renowned for their stunning foliage and ability to thrive in various conditions. With a wide range of leaf sizes, shapes, and colors, hostas offer endless possibilities for creating captivating and visually appealing landscapes. Whether you’re seeking to add texture, fill shaded areas, or create a lush backdrop, hostas are an excellent choice

2. Daylilies

Source: Walters Gardens, Inc.

With their vibrant colors, graceful forms, and remarkable versatility, daylilies have earned their place as beloved additions to gardens and landscapes worldwide. These perennial plants are cherished not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their ease of care and impressive adaptability to various climates and soil conditions.

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3. Nasturtiums

Source: Homes & Gardens

These versatile plants not only add visual appeal but also offer a host of other benefits. With their edible flowers and leaves, they provide a unique and flavorful addition to culinary creations. Nasturtiums are easy to grow and care for, making them an ideal choice for both experienced gardeners and beginners.

4. Jerusalem Artichokes

Source: Freeplants.com

These unique plants, also known as sunroots or sunchokes, are not actually artichokes but a type of sunflower native to North America. Their charming yellow flowers and towering stalks make them an attractive choice for garden enthusiasts. However, it’s their delicious, nutty-flavored tubers that steal the show.

5. Violets 

Source: Gardeners World

Produce nectar-rich flowers that attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. By planting violets, you can create a habitat that supports and encourages these important pollinators to visit your garden, promoting biodiversity and aiding in the pollination of other plants.

6. Pistou Basil

Source: Farmers’ Almanac

With their vibrant green leaves and distinctive flavor profile, Pistou Basil plants offer a delightful twist on traditional basil varieties. Whether used in sauces, soups or as a fragrant garnish, the rich and peppery taste of Pistou Basil adds depth and complexity to your favorite dishes.

7. Ground Cherries

Source: Good Housekeeping

Known as husk cherries or cape gooseberries, these small, golden fruits are encased in papery husks, resembling tiny lanterns. Bursting with a sweet yet tangy taste, ground cherries offer a captivating blend of flavors that will leave you craving more.

8. Orach

Source: Laidback Gardener

With its vibrant leaves and exceptional culinary qualities, Orach is a must-have addition to any garden. Whether you’re seeking a vibrant splash of color or a nutritious green for your salads and stir-fries, Orach offers the best of both worlds.

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9. Borage (Borago officinalis)

Source: EZ GRO Garden

Known for its captivating blue star-shaped flowers and vibrant green foliage, Borage is a beloved addition to any garden or edible landscape. Not only does it grace your outdoor space with its exquisite beauty, but it also brings a unique and refreshing flavor to your culinary creations.

10. Peppers

Source: Gardener’s Path

From mild and sweet bell peppers to fiery chili peppers, this diverse group of plants offers a wide range of flavors to suit every palate.

Join us as we explore the world of Glorious Plants and discover how these remarkable plants can transform your front yard into a bold and flavorful haven.

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