10 Easy-to-grow Houseplants That Don’t Require Much

Love growing plants in the home to give your interior a touch of green for your living space but you worry about your own little tree planting experience. You are reading the right post even if you are a beginner. Here are the 10 Easy-to-grow Houseplants That Don’t Require Much. They can adapt to poor conditions such as low light, low humidity, and a wide range of temperatures. Check them out with us!
10 Easy-to-grow Houseplants That Don't Require Much
Snake plant, air Plant, parlor palm, sago palm, and more, are extremely great houseplants for those who often have to travel for work, they only need the most basic care, even thrive in your neglect. Growing them on pots indoors will provide a lavish look and can be used to decorate the interior at a low cost. Also, some create positive impacts and many of them purify the air. It’s time to grow some for your home.

#1 Snake Plant

Source: Thesill

Snake Plant produces thick, rigid leaves that retain moisture efficiently. Also, it can tolerate light conditions, making them a great option to place in any living space.

#2 Air Plant

Source: Gardenista

Air Plant grows well without needing soil in pots or containers as it survives by gathering water and nutrients through specialized leaf structures. This houseplant can grow on just about any surface as long as they get enough sunlight. Give it water by misting, rinsing, or soaking them and then allowing them to dry thoroughly.

#3 Parlor Palm

Source: Fast-growing-trees

Parlor Palm is a slow-growing plant but if it will get plenty of bright, indirect light it will grow faster. It also can tolerate low light.

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#4 Sago Palm

Source: Thewildest

Sago Palm is a great houseplant and grows very slowly. It is quite drought-tolerant.

#5 English Ivy

Source: Tiffanys

English Ivy prefers to grow in moist, shady conditions. This climbing plant can grow in any room without much natural light. It loves humidity, so a bathroom is a great choice for its growth.

#6 Jade Plant

Source: Crateandbarrel

Jade Plant belongs to the succulent family that produces round and fleshy leaves helping it retain water and tolerate neglect. If planted in ideal conditions, this plant will bring small, star-shaped flowers of pink or white.

#7 Chinese Evergreen

Source: Pinterest

Chinese Evergreen is a hardy plant that displays unique variegated leaves ranging from dark green to yellow and even silver. It tolerates low light and mild drought. It grows happily in partial sunlight and regular watering.

#8 Aloe

Source: Gardenerreport

Aloe is a succulent that prefers to grow in sandy, dry soil. It needs a little water but can hold onto moisture efficiently. Give it indirect sunlight for its optimum growth.

#9 ZZ Plant

Source: Earth

ZZ Plant grows easily but displays attractive, glossy leaves to add green space to any room in your house. It survives in less-than-perfect conditions and neglects as it only needs little water once a month and low to medium light.

#10 Ponytail Palm

Source: Veldkampsflowers

Ponytail Palm is a hardy plant that can tolerate drought. It grows well both in sunny to partial shade.

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