10 Best Vining Vegetable Plants for Saving Space

If you’d like to grow your own vegetables but have limited space, it’s time to start your vertical vegetable garden. Growing vining vegetable plants is a great way to grow more food in small spaces, and you aren’t limited with your choices for the vegetables that grow on vines. Here are the 10 Best Vining Vegetable Plants for Saving Space. They are great for growing on trellises, arbors, pergolas, and fences, thereby taking advantage of upright, aerial space. These veggies are productive too!
10 Best Vining Vegetable Plants for Saving Space
When growing these vining vegetables over arches and trellises, they will add beautiful detail to your garden while also providing food for your family. That is the reason why even when you live in an apartment or at a place where you don’t have a garden, don’t let your lack of a large garden space deter you from growing fresh vegetables. You still have plenty of vertical space to grow these vining vegetables.

#1 Beans

Source: Agrifarming

Beans are an easy vegetable crop to grow vertically on a trellis.

#2 Snowpeas

Source: Veryediblegardens

Snow peas are a cool-season vegetable and fairly frost tolerant. You can grow them on a trellis, wire, or netting.

#3 Bitter Melon

Source: Researchgate

Bitter melon is an easy-to-grow climbing vegetable that is great for a trellis or pergola.

#4 Cucumber

Source: Gardentech

Cucumbers are ideal for a vertical garden. Growing cucumbers on a trellis make them easier to harvest and they’re less likely to be affected by pests and diseases.

#5 Tomatoes

Source: Newscientist

Tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables for beginners, they grow well up a trellis or wireframe. if you grow them in pots or containers, they will need sturdy supports when the plants will become heavy and they’re laden with fruit.

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#6 Pumpkin

Source: Sustainablefoodcenter

Small pumpkins can be grown on a trellis but they’ll need a sling or hammock to support their weight. Growing pumpkin in containers is possible.

#7 Gourd

Source: Freepik

Gourds look great growing over a pergola or arbor. They grow best in warm areas and can take up to 5 – 6 months to mature.

#8 Chayote

Source: Norningchores

Chayote is a small pear-shaped climbing vegetable. Chayote plants grow best in warm tropical or sub-tropical climates

#9 Malabar Spinach

Source: Ugaoo

Malabar Spinach is a creeping vine that is ideal for growing on a trellis. It can be propagated from seeds or cuttings.

#10 Luffa

Source: Gardenerspath

Luffa is an interesting climbing plant, it grows best in warm climates and they need sturdy support

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