10 Best Tall Succulent Varieties

When it comes to the succulent world, most people think they have small shapes and are low-maintenance plants that can be grown in a wide variety of conditions. In fact, there are many types that grow tall with their own beauty. So, in this article, we’ve listed the 10 Best Tall Succulent Varieties that can completely change your space’s look with their different-patterned leaves and vibrant colors. In addition, they help make your house look inviting and expansive, even if it has a small area.
10 Best Tall Succulent Variesties
Each has its own interesting character that can suitable for your favorite. Regardless of the type that you choose to grow, all succulents are perfectly adapted to live in all conditions indoors or outdoors. Loving them, it’s time to add a charming soft color spectrum to your plant collection and enjoy the natural beauty. Keep reading to know more about them.

#1 Austrocylindropuntia Subulata (Eve’s needle)

Source: Reddit

Austrocylindropuntia Subulata (Eve’s needle) is a popular columnar succulent. It grows up to 13 feet, which is a whooping height, during its active growth seasons. It favors growing in dry conditions and well-draining soils.

#2 Cyphostemma Juttae

Source: Aloesinwonderland

Cyphostemma Juttae is a native succulent of South Africa, so it can easily thrive in tough conditions. When getting the right care, it achieves 6 feet in height. The plant produces a tall stem with several leaves arranged around it in spirals and shows off greenish-yellow flowers in the summertime

#3 Kalanchoe Beharensis (Felt Bush, Elephant’s Ears)

Source: Inlandvalleygardenplanner

This succulent grows tall and wide. In the right environment, it can reach a height of about 16 feet (3.7 m). It does well in full to partial sunlight and occasional watering. Although it thrives in dry, tough conditions, it gives rise to unique and unusual-looking white flowers.

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#4 Euphorbia Milii (Crown of Thorns)

Source: Worldoffloweringplants

Euphorbia Milii (Crown of Thorns) grows up to 6 feet in height and 4 inches width-wise. The succulent has several long spines all along the stems and succulent, fleshy leaves. Its small red flowers aren’t as showy as the leaves. It is a low-maintenance plant that needs little water and partial sunlight for its optimum growth.

#5 Aeonium Arboreum

Source: Gardentags

Aeonium Arboreum is a tall and elegant succulent that reaches about 3 feet in height. The plant gives rise to small clusters of pink or white flowers in the summers that resemble stars. It grows happily in sun exposure, so if you want to plant indoors, place it next to a sunny window or a door all year long.

#6 Pachypodium Lamerei (Madagascar Palm)

Source: Ourhouseplants

The succulent reaches a height of about 20 feet after being grown in a few years. It features narrow and long leaves that add to its elegance. It needs occasional watering and gets moderate to full sunlight. Growing it also brings a lot of health benefits such as purifying the air, increasing humidity levels in a room, adding fresh oxygen, helping improve focus and concentration, reducing breathing problems in asthmatics, helping enhance memory.

#7 Monadenium Magnificum

Source: Llifle

Monadenium Magnificum is known for its tall and delicate structure. When fully mature, it achieves about 7 feet in height of about 7 feet. The plant showcases large leaves that are yellow to green and have purple spots over the edges.

#8 Adenium Obesum (Desert Rose)

Source: Tipsplants

Adenium Obesum (Desert Rose) is a beautiful succulent that reaches heights of around 4 feet. It showcases stunning blooms that may be pale pink, dark red, or any shade in between.

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#9 Crassula Ovata (Jade Plant)

Source: Pinterest

Crassula Ovata (Jade Plant) grows to a height of about 15 feet and brings a sophisticated and posh look to any space. It displays thick, tall branches that slightly curve at various angles, sprawl, and then droop. The plant needs moderate to high sunlight to grow healthily, if indoors, place it near a sunny window.

#10 Agave Americana (Century plant)

Source: Thetutuguru

Agave Americana (Century plant) reaches a height of about 5 feet (1.5 m) and is characterized by its long, thin leaves. It grows best under partial or full sun and in loose, well-aerated soils.

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