10 Best Halloween marketing campaigns that will inspire you

Best Halloween marketing campaigns

For a long time, Halloween has always been an opportunity for the media to take advantage of the creepy ghost elements to incorporate into their creative marketing campaigns.

More especially in recent years, when the technology is growing day by day, the campaigns for Halloween season have become even more “scary” because brands already use digital platforms to attract audiences. fake in a new and unexpected way.

If you are looking for inspiration for this year’s Halloween marketing campaign, these 10 campaigns can help you find your inspiration.

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M & M’s: Campaign Millie & Max – Interact with ghost stories

During Halloween 2017, the popular chocolate candy brand M & M’s had customers interact with its ghost stories weekly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from October until Halloween. The Millie & Max ghost story consists of more than 7 chapters and is told as a 30-second animated video, and customer interaction takes place when they vote for one of the two options outlined in a story situation.

The story uses the basic plot of ghost movies, about a girl around 15 years old and her family moving to an old house in the West Bank area and encountering strange images and adventures in her new home.

In particular, the image of the M & M candy bar appears throughout as a highlight of the plot. In different situations, the little girl Millie has to decide which direction or taste of M&M to overcome the challenge, and this is also the part of interacting with the audience.

Results: Interactive storytelling seems to be a trend among young people, who regularly use smartphones for entertainment. On Facebook, M & M’s first video in this campaign was only 2,000 views but the number rose to over 17,000 in chapter 5 of the story.

This interactive storytelling format has not been widely applied and M&M is only in the experimental phase, but looking at the results, it can be seen that M&M’s way of storytelling this time has made the content worthwhile. remember more and increase brand awareness.

Burger King: #ScaryClownNight

Burger King: #ScaryClownNight
Burger King: #ScaryClownNight

Also in 2017, based on the hot trends and customer sentiment during the festive season, Burger King’s “Scary Clown Night” campaign was born. The campaign this time is a Halloween party with standards of “kings” specially prepared by Burger King for clowns with the invitation: “Come as a clown, eat like a king”

The highlight of the campaign is Burger King’s invitation to a party which is shown in the form of a 90-second video, bringing together all elements of a short horror film, the main character walking alone in the night, the creepy clowns follow closely behind, the scene is rushing.

In the group of clowns appeared a very familiar character – McDonald’s clown Ronald was also hustling to Burger King to receive free Whopper along with his “comrades”.

This is considered a hoax that Burger King aimed at the “legendary” competitor McDonald’s. In particular, at the time of Halloween 2017, the movie “IT” with the content about the brutal killer in the guise of a clown causing fever on social networking sites. More coincidentally, the mascot of rival McDonald’s is the image of clown Ronald.

The Result: Perhaps, thanks to the subtle prank with McDonald’s, plus the good trend grasp and follow, added weight to the “Scary Clown Night” campaign, helping the campaign to receive 3 Gold Lion Awards.

Not only stopping at the awards, Burger King also brought more practical results when the number of visitors to the store increased 21%, resulting in a 15% increase in sales; keyword #scaryclownnight mentioned in more than 1,100 articles in 40 countries; “Clown” became the hottest cosplay concept in Halloween season.

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Topshop: Experience “weird things” in the store

Before the release of the second season of thriller Stranger Things , Topshop partnered with Netflix to create a truly great experience for store visitors by transforming its biggest store. in London as the set in the film, including terrifying highlights in the film like Will Byer’s hideout, Joyce’s living room, and Hawkins lab. In addition to exploration, visitors can purchase Stranger Things related items and learn more about the upcoming episodes.

Customers have rated this as a must-see for Halloween and if you are a fan of Stranger things, this is an ideal event to prepare the season 2 of the movie.

Popular Australian breakfast cereal brand Kellogg’s teamed up with Shazam and creative agency Orchard to deliver a 2017 Halloween Trick or Treat experience on an augmented reality platform.

Have you ever tried at least once to get to the bottom of a box or pack of candies for a small toy or scratch card? And sure enough, the kids enjoyed it. Embracing this mentality, Shazam and Orchard have come up with a great idea for Kellogg’s: Instead of the toys in costly and non-environmental packages, each Kellogg’s cereal pack will have a code.

Shazam, go to the website and get a unique Halloween breakfast recipe like  Rice Bubble Bats or Coco Pops Skeleton, etc.  This encourages families to celebrate Halloween with Kellogg’s food.

Buffalo Wild Wings: The Red Zone

The campaign of the famous American restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings is considered a prime example of hitting exactly on the target public’s psychology. Set in the context of two fiercely competing rugby football teams in the US, the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs, which brings the loyalty of the fans of these two teams, during the Halloween season, what scared the fans the most was not the devil are fans of the rival team and this restaurant chain has been very smart when integrating this mentality into the horror element of its Halloween campaign.

WD40: The application of “creaking door”

Most people dislike the squeak of a door squeak when opening and assume it’s not a good thing, however, on Halloween it can be the perfect tool to induce scare. WD40 has taken advantage of this and has released an “everyone wants to use” product during the Halloween season: a smartphone app that turns all the ordinary doors into the frizzing ones when it is opened.

Fanta: Snapchat Codes

Fanta’s partnership with Snapchat is one of the most recent smart integrations of a consumer product and social media. In a short time, Fanta launched very unique Halloween themed canned products with QR codes on them.

After scanning the code, the Halloween-themed Snapchat special filters will be unlocked, for example, a picture of a creepy Chinese doll in tears.

From the past until now perhaps Coca-Cola has always been the king of campaigns with a unique design variation in packaging, and this time adding some fun on the Fanta cans has added proof. intelligence, the sophistication of the Coca-Cola empire.

Harley-Davidson: Halloween skull

The end of October is often mentioned by one thing: the first is Halloween and the second is the end of the racing season for motorcyclists and the time to take care of their car.

Therefore, the Harley-Davidson auto parts company has launched a poster to promote its products with the image of a skull structured by parts of the legendary sports car Forty-Eight, just confirmed. quality of products during Halloween, both making customers feel appreciative of their races.

Bacardi: Dress to Be Free

It is not every Halloween that there must be scary ghosts, this is the view of Bacardi during his Halloween campaign. As a famous wine brand from Cuba with the typical slogan “live a true life”, Bacardi has blown her free-spirited personality into the campaign called “Dress to be free”.

It’s a Carnaval-style festival in Brazil and Pantsula in South Africa celebrates the spirit of self-liberation, living for the moments where we are happiest and most free. In addition, a number of festival outfits have been cleverly designed with the bat shape, symbolic of the Bacardi logo. With the openness and the ability to take advantage of the opportunity, this campaign has attracted many participants and the brand is increasingly famous.

Svedka Vodka: The Cursed Banner

Finally, here is a Halloween campaign from Svedka Vodka that marketers, in particular, will appreciate: After clicking on an online ad offering cocktail recipes, users are shown a video telling they claim that they have been “cursed by hell advertising”.

The campaign also causes “intimidating” for customers by retargeting to serve ads to its victims. It’s an incredibly great way to get your audience’s attention – and really scare them off.


Here are 10 sample examples, and there are many ways for you to be creative for your Halloween marketing campaign as this is a chance for lots of interesting things for you to express and integrate your brand personality into. there. Moreover, today we have countless technological gadgets that can support our “horror” ideas.

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