10 Best Flowers For Your Windy Gardens

Finding easy-to-grow and brightly-grown flowers for your windy garden? Try growing some of the best flowers here, they have flexible stems which allow them to sway in the wind without breaking making them a gorgeous addition to any garden. Growing these flowers in your garden will add positive vibes while bringing a lot of appeal to your landscape.
10 Best Flowers For Your Windy Gardens
For gardeners, high winds are a problem because windy exposed areas can make it hard to grow flowers successfully. But don’t let this mindset prevent you grow anything, you just choose the right plants that flourish and enjoy growing in windy conditions, and the list here has beautiful varieties you can consider. We hope that you will choose your favorite flowers and grow them in the garden to enjoy their natural beauty.

#1 Portulaca

Source: Candide

This ground cover flower is annual and is low maintenance that can endure drought and wind. It stores water in the fleshy leaves, so it doesn’t need water regularly. It can reseed easily and comes back year after year.

#2 Geranium

Source: Bomagardencentre

Geranium is a beautiful flower for window boxes or railing planters on a balcony. It grows well in locations where it gets full sun but some afternoon shade on hot summer days. Also, it needs to be moved indoors to protect it from frost.

#3 Coreopsis

Source: Thespruce

Coreopsis can be annual or perennial and thrives in sunny spots. It is a hardy plant that can tolerate wind and produces stunning flowers attracting butterflies, birds, and bees. When summer comes, it will bring pretty flowers that come in shades of red, white, pink, or yellow.

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#4 Shasta Daisy

Source: Americanmeadows

Shasta Daisy is a wind-tolerant flower with strong stems. It grows in clusters 2-3 feet tall and spread out 1-2 feet wide. It produces lots of white flowers with yellow centers under the full sun. This plant can adapt to any soil type and is fairly pest resistant.

#5 Azalea

Source: Plantslive

Azalea displays bright flowers in a range of colors including yellow, orange, pink, and white. This perennial shrub grows well in spots with partial shade, and especially needs to protect from the hot afternoon sun.

#6 Marigold

Source: Proflowers

Marigolds are popular annuals that thrive in full sun areas. During spring and summer, it puts out bright orange and yellow blooms. You can grow this flower by sowing seeds directly in the garden in spring after the frost has passed.

#7 Gazania

Source: Plantright

Gazania is low maintenance flower that grows 6 to 10 inches tall and about 10 inches wide. It grows best in full sun and offers beautiful bright annual flowers from summer until fall.

#8 Daylily

Source: Bunnings

Daylilies are hardy perennials and usually produce at least a dozen flowers on each stem. When grown in the right conditions such as full sun and some afternoon shade in hot areas, they will reward gardeners with beautiful bright flowers.

#9 Nasturtium

Source: Fresheggsdaily

Nasturtium is fast growing annual and can tolerate windy conditions. The entire plant is edible, from flowers, and leaves, to seeds. They can be grown in baskets, containers, and gardens after the frost.

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#10 Zinnia

Source: Emass

Zinnia is an annual flower, it grows fast and can withstand wind. It grows best when sown from seeds directly in the garden in the warm weather of the spring season.

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