10 Best Companion Plants for Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the best options when starting an herb garden or if you are finding ways to plant rosemary that grows green and beautiful, you should not miss out on this article. Come with 10 Best Companion Plants for Rosemary Herb! They work well both for serving in the kitchen or decorating elements to the landscape. Also, as another good way to have a bountiful harvest, apart from using all watering, weeding, fertilizing, mulching, to boost your rosemary growth, companion plants also are a great solution that you should know.
10 Best Companion Plants for Rosemary
Growing them together, you can take advantage of the space of the garden and harvest more vegetables. Also, rosemary also is great in repelling insects to increase the health and quality of the plants it’s paired with. They get along with plants and protect them as close friends, even they support mutual development. For these reasons, rosemary is guaranteed to make a great addition to your garden.

#1 Sage

Source: Selfsufficientme

Growing sage near rosemary is extremely well as their growing conditions are similar. When planted together, they will save some space in your garden, at the same time, rosemary is good at boosting and improving the overall health of sage and magnifying its flavor.

#2 Oregano

Source: Theseedcollection

Oregano also has the same growing conditions making them effortlessly paired together. Oregano does well as a ground cover plant as it is a low-growing plant while Rosemary prefers cooler temperatures.

#3 Marjoram

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Growing marjoram near rosemary will help promote their health and growth. Marjoram releases specific chemicals into the soil to encourage faster growth and better taste for other plants.

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#4 Thyme

Source: Gardenerspath

Rosemary and thyme are great companion plants when grown together. Thyme is a cabbage worm deterrent while rosemary is an insect repellent. Also, they also enjoy the same growing conditions.

#5 Lavender

Source: Hgvt

Lavender and rosemary prefer to grow in warm climates with nearly identical care requirements. They also attract a variety of pollinators, so they grow well when paired together.

#6 Strawberries

Source: Theseedcollection

Planting rosemary and strawberries will bring gardening benefits. Strawberries will improve the fertility of rosemary. Rosemary can get rid of insects to protect strawberries from several threats.

#7 Alyssum

Source: Amazon

Alyssum is a beneficial flower for a vegetable garden. It works by attracting pollinators and other beneficial insects, rosemary can deter any pests.

#8 Chives

Source: Sproutedgarden

Like rosemary, chive also is a herb and can repel pests like aphids, protecting your garden safe from insects. Also, chives help enhance the taste and growth of the plants it grows nearby.

#9 Marigolds

Source: Savvygardening

Marigolds are great companions for many plants in the garden, including rosemary. Both rosemary and marigolds can get rid of insects making these plants natural companions to plant around vegetable gardens.

#10 Brassicas

Source: Gardenerspath

Brassicas are part of the cabbage family, and rosemary is a good companion for any plant of the family. Rosemary emits a strong aroma to protect brassica plants from caterpillars threat.

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