10 Best Beautiful Landscaping Plants That Slugs Hate Eat

Many gardeners get very frustrated with the presence of slugs, they appear and harm any vegetables so all vegetable growers want to exterminate them. While you can address this issue by putting down baits, repellents, etc., perhaps the best way to solve the problem is to grow plants that slugs do not eat, you can easily outwit these annoying pests and keep the garden healthy.
10 Best Beautiful Landscaping Plants That Slugs Hate Eat
So, in today’s article, we are so glad to introduce you to some effective ways to eradicate this pest from your garden. And here are the 10 Best Beautiful Landscaping Plants That Slugs Hate Eat. It’s time-consuming and difficult to get rid of them while some pest control methods can often involve harmful chemicals. Instead of trying to deter them using pellets, these plants are natural methods. Even better, these plants not only give your landscape a stunning look. Read on to know more!

#1 Jacob’s Ladder

Source: Gardenia

Jacob’s Ladder is a beautiful perennial that shows off blue, purple, or lavender flowers. It tolerates shade and discourages slugs from munching on it.

#2 Tree Peony

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Whether tree peony is young or mature, they will have to be protected from slugs.

#3 Catmint

Source: Homestratosphere

Catmint emits a strong smell that makes slugs do not like them, other herbs also keep slug at bay effectively too.

#4 Lenten Rose

Source: Southernliving

The leaves of the Lenten Rose have a waxy coating and are quite tough, which is why slugs don’t want to eat.

#5 Columbine

Source: Masterclass

The perennial Columbine displays extraordinarily lovely flowers that come in a variety of colors and the clover-like leaves are also nice. Although this flower is so attractive, slugs don’t like it.

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#6 Lamb’s Ears

Source: Rareroots

The plant produces hairy leaves of lamb’s ears, hence the name. Their unique leaf texture can attract gardeners but slugs hate it as they can’t eat.

#7 Yucca

Source: Nature-and-garden

Yucca also brings the leaves that slugs don’t want to eat as their rigid and fibrous leaf texture. Besides, the pests do not like the taste of it.

#8 Ferns

Source: Seattlejapanesegarden

Ferns are preferred to grow for enhancing the beauty of outdoor space, but slugs do not like to eat them. Their slug resistance is reason enough for many gardeners love growing them in their properties whilst this plant does not bear flowers.

#9 Wormwood

Source: Rslandscapedesign

Wormwood offers pretty leaves that have sporting wonderful and silver with a compact form. You can grow the plant for any area where you are seeking low-maintenance landscaping. Or harvest the fragrant foliage for making wreaths. However, the strong smell of the leaves makes it slug-resistant well.

#10 Spurge

Source: Outsidepride

The saps of the Spurge have a bitter taste so slugs hate to eat. Although, the plant brings stunning flowers to add charm to your landscape, keep in mind that Euphorbia plants such as purple wood spurge contain a milky sap that makes them poisonous plants.

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