10 Awesome Pothos Houseplant Benefits

Pothos is one of the easiest to grow houseplants thanks to its low maintenance nature and tolerance to low light conditions that many house owners love growing to bring a green space indoors. Not just that, the benefit of pothos is more than that and proven in recent studies to help them become the most beneficial houseplants. If you want to know more about this plant, keep reading!
10 Awesome Pothos Houseplant Benefits
Apart from good growth properties, this plant is good for human health such as purify the air, absorbs CO2 and Ozone, help in increasing humidity to protect you from cold and influenza, and more, these benefits are science-backed and confirmed in various studies. Even, it is considered a good luck plant in Feng Shui. For the great reason above, why you don’t spend a space of your home to grow them right now.

#1 Purify Air

Source: Bobvila

According to NASA research, pothos can remove VOCs, toxins, and pollutants effectively such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene from the air.

#2 Absorbs CO2 and Ozone

Source: Fastgrowingtrees

According to a Malaysian study and one research, this plant is an efficient houseplant to absorb CO2 and ozone.

#3 Help In Increasing Humidity

Source: Swansonsnursery

Pothos is a great houseplant that helps you increase humidity to protect you from cold and influenza as viruses can’t transmit easily in moist air. It also keeps your skin hydrated.

#4 Is A Good Luck Plant

Source: Britannica

In Feng Shui, pothos has many benefits from clean the negative energy, reduce stress to improve sleep quality.

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#5 Low Maintenance Plant

Source: Momosflowersandmore

Pothos is one of the most low-maintenance houseplants that adapt to any growth conditions, both sun and shade, moist and dry soil, and a poor substrate, even can survive drought according to this study.

#6 Calming Effect

Source: Almanac

According to this study, pothos has a calming and peaceful effect on the mind.

#7 A Versatile Plant

Source: Forgetmenotflowermarkets

Pothos can be trained to grow in any your desire that makes them become a versatile plant for decorative purposes. You can place them on an office desk, a tabletop, a shelf kitchen countertop, or hang them from the window.

#8 Easy to Propagate

Source: Reddit

If you want to have more pothos plants, you can propagate them easily. You just need to do is take a cutting and snip off the lower leaves, place it in clean water, and then change the water once a week to keep it clean and form new roots.

#9 Give A Great Look

Source: Instagram

Pothos has stunning look with variegated bright yellow and green leaves that are heart-shaped and their waxy surface.

#10 Grows Easily Without Getting Sunlight

Source: Beardsanddaisies

Pothos can grow in low light, even without direct sunlight, it loves drought conditions in cool temperatures.

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